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Derived from Sanskrit word Shilajatu refers to rock-tar. It is a sticky substance found in the Himalayan region, formed by slow decomposition of the plants over the years. This is an integral part of Ayurvedic Shastra and used as an important Ayurvedic medicine for overall health and wellness.

Shilajit extracts comprises of fulvic acid and roughly more than 84 minerals, so it facilitates with multiple health benefits. It can work as an an anti-inflammatory substance, an antioxidant to enhance the body's resistance and memory, a diuretic to eradicate extra fluid and toxins from the body and an energy promoter.

Shilajit is a truly astounding constituent that could have only ascended from the abundance of nature. The mixture of organic trace minerals, plant-based antioxidants carbon-60, amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, and many more helpful biological acids groups it apart from any other trace minerals supplement. Only inside Shilajit one can find such an amazing combination of pristine indispensable nutrients in balanced proportions which the human body can comfortably absorb, making it one of the most impactful health supplements.

Shilajit extracts are best known as one of the most effective cures for Alzheimer’s ailment. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain illness that generates difficulties with memory, behaviourial aspects and thinking process. Medicinal treatments exist to recover indications of Alzheimer’s. But based on the molecular configuration of Shilajit extracts, some researchers trust that it may cure the disease or slow down the process of occurrence. Tau proteins are a significant part of the nervous system, but collection of the same at one place can activate brain cell injury and malfunctions. The chief constituent of Shilajit extracts is an antioxidant labelled as fulvic acid. This strong antioxidant helps to cognitive health by stopping the buildup of tau protein.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and Shilajit extracts are also best for improving Testosterone levels. Indications of low Testosterone include low sexual desire, hair loss, increase in body fat and fatigueness. A normal man needs high levels of testosterone levels to recover muscle tissue, keep fat at bay and uphold a better mood and wellness. Men who consumes extracts of Shilajit on a regular basis enjoy a surge to their testosterone levels.

Since Shilajit is enriched with fulvic acid, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it may also guard against free radicals and cellular injury. Consequently, regular use of Shilajit extracts may help to gain longevity and a sluggish aging process, and off course overall wellness.  Anaemia is caused mainly due to lessening of red blood cells which is due to iron deficiencies in the body. The commonly observed symptoms are headache, irregular heartbeat, weakness and lethargy and sweating hands and feet. Rise in testosterone levels play an imperative role in how well one thinks and how efficiently the brain functions. But researchers have recognized a distinct outcome created by small molecules known as dibezno-alpha-pyrones. These molecules check the collapse of the brain chemicals required for memory and the fulvic acid present in Shilajit extracts facilitate to the development of normal brain health. Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is a long-term health condition that causes intense exhaustion and drowsiness. CFS can make it a challenge to go to school and work and simple daily actions can be difficult too. Researchers think that Shilajit extracts may re establish energy levels by decreasing the CFS condition. Even Shilajit is known to cure high altitude problems and its associated ailments like dementia, hypoxia, insomnia, lethargy and body pain.

One of the claims made by classic doctors is that Shilajit can help assuage altitude sickness. The alterations in pressure at high elevations can greatly impact some individuals. Symptoms of altitude ailement range from body ache and exhaustion, nausea to lung congestion and supply of low oxygen in the brain. With fulvic and humic acid and 80 more varied minerals, extracts of Shilajit are powerful and most effective in curing high altitude sickness. Shilajit is also endowed with anti-cancer benefits and researches have shown that it has actually cured liver cancer by preventing the reproduction of cancer cells.

Cuprum, Nickel, Calcium, Manganese, Silicon and Strontium are some of the important mineral constituents of Shilajit and are accountable for making bones and muscles stronger. Due to the presence of magnesium, Shilajit extracts even prevent chronic inflammation.
Shilajit extract, Fulvic acid