Red Yeast Rice Powder: Beneficial for Lowering Cholesterol

Red yeast rice, also known as red rice, red yeast, aspergillus fungi purple monascus parasitic on the rice, the main components of lovastatin, monascus pigment, г-aminobutyric acid and unsaturated fatty acids, with "blood Blood stasis, spleen digestion, temperature and stomach "function. Function Monascus contains monacolin compounds, a significant lipid-lowering effect, in which the main active ingredient lovastatin (lovastatin) in 1987 as a lipid-lowering drug approved by the FDA market. Red yeast rice extract to monascus as raw materials, commercial extract is usually standardized as containing 4% lovastatin.

Red yeast rice powder is powder that has been fermented by the red yeast rice, monascus purpureus. Red yeast rice powder has been used by the Chinese for many centuries as a food preservative, food colorant (Red yeast rice powder is responsible for the red color of Peking duck), spice and ingredient in rice wine.

Active ingredients: Moncolin K: 0.4% - 3.0% HPLC
Red Yeast Rice powder,Moncolin K

1) Description: powder with light red color
2) Moisture (%): ≤8.0
3) As (mg/kg): ≤1.0
4) Pb (mg/kg): ≤1.5
5) Total bacteria count (cfu/g): ≤1000
6) Coliform (cfu/g): ≤30
7) Yeast and mold (cfu/g): ≤50
8) E. Coli(MPN/100g):≤30
9) Pathogenic bacteria: negative
10) Citrinin:≤50ppb

1) Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
2) Supported by clinical research
3) 100% natural
4) Natural complement to diet
5) These benefits were established in clinical studies for subjects with total serum
cholesterol less than 230mg/dl. And triglyceride levels less than 200mg/dl
6) The benefits of red yeast rice are attributed to the presence of HMG-CoA reductase
inhibitors, enzymes in the liver that control the amount of cholesterol produced in the liver
7) It has been hypothesized that relatively high concentrations of unsaturated fatty
acids and other natural compounds found in red yeast rice may work in concert
with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors to provide additional health benefits

Q: Is red yeast rice powder a blood thinner?
A: If you are already taking a statin or other drug to lower cholesterol, talk to your doctor before taking red yeast rice powder. Anticoagulants (blood-thinners): Red yeast rice powder may increase the risk of bleeding. Blood thinners include warfarin (Coumadin), clopidogrel (Plavix), and daily aspirin"
Q: What is red yeast rice powder good for?
A: Red yeast rice, also called Went Yeast, has been used for centuries in China as both food and medicine. It is made by fermenting a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus over red rice. In Chinese medicine, red yeast rice powder is used to lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, and improve digestion.

Improve the Blood Circulation by Taking Red Yeast Rice Powder
The red yeast rice is developed by the fermented red yeast that is named as monascus purpureus. The RYR is widely used by the Chinese as the food colorant, food preservative, spice and ingredient in the rice wine. It is also used for medical purposes. These days most of the companies are offering the red yeast rice supplements and powder. So you can buy the RYR powder from the leading manufacturer. We offer the high-quality RYR powder to our customers. Our Red yeast rice powder helps you to improve the blood circulation level in your body.

Why Should you Purchase our RYR Powder?
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Health Benefits of Red Yeast Rice Powder
The RYR powder offer lot of the health benefits to the users like reduces the cholesterol level, increase blood circulation and others. The main function of the RYR powder is reducing total cholesterol and blood pressure. Most of the people with the high cholesterol level turn to the RYR supplement or powder to avoid the statins dangers. Our Red yeast rice supplements and powder provide various health benefits such as heap for the high cholesterol, improvement in the insulin sensitivity, possible obesity aid, reduce the oxidative stress biomarkers and others. 

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