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An overview about Lignans

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What is Lignans?

 They are the group of polyphenols which are having low molecular weight. They are mostly found in plants along with seeds, vegetables, and whole grains. Its name derives from the Latin word of wood. They are small and are easily soluble in water. The main food sources of lignans are flax seeds along with sesame seeds that contain a high level of lignans. As we already know that lignans are mostly found in flaxseed so it will have many advantages for the same. Let us now explore the different benefits of lignans that are consuming their source indirectly.

 Benefits of Lignans

Nutrients- Flax seeds are considered as one of the oldest crops which is having its 2 mains types they are having an equal amount of nutrition. It is a great source of protein which makes the bones healthy along with fiber that helps in removing the problem of constipation from the body. It will also contain vitamins and minerals that will also prove good for the body in all aspects.

 The high content of omega 3 acid- as omega 3 acid is present in only fish. Those who are vegetarian can also avail the benefits of the omega 3 acids that are found in flax seeds. They prove to be the best option of providing heart health which helps in lowering the risk of strokes.

Cholesterol level- It helps in reducing the level of cholesterol from the body which in turn helps in the promotion of heart health which is the main part of the body. It is also meant for lowering the blood pressure from the body which gives rise to many diseases. It will also help in lowering the blood sugar in the body due to the presence of insoluble fiber. They will also prove good in the areas of diabetes.

Protein- It contains high quality of protein in the body which further helps in the promotion of the immune system along with lowering the cholesterol level from the body. It is also rich in anti-fungal properties that will help in the prevention of tumors. It is the best replacement for meat when you wish to eat.

Weight control- It will provide the main benefits in terms of weight control where consumption of flax seeds may make you feel fuller for a long period so that you will not eat again and again after some hours. This will be treated as the best remedy for weight loss.

Good ingredients- Flax seeds will prove as one of the best ingredients which can be taken in the form of drinking water or added as oil in the salad. It can be added to the breakfast cereal.

Cancer – lignans are plant compounds rich in anti-oxidant properties that will help in lowering the risk of breast cancer. They are also the best option in reducing the risk of colon cancer along with skin cancer.

Fiber-rich food- It is instructed to take one tablespoon of flax seeds on daily basis to avoid the problem of constipation. It helps in promoting the main aspects of bowel movements along with increasing the overall digestive health in return.

 How you can use them?

It would be a better option for the clients that they should avail the benefits of the ground flax seeds which are easier to digest. Better grind and store them in airtight containers.

Flax seeds rich with lignans will prove effective in the areas of


Lowering the blood pressure from the body

Reducing cholesterol levels for heart health

Lowering the risk of cancer cells

Removes diabetes

Flax seeds oil will also prove effective which is easy to digest. It will be easily available to you in your nearby shop.

Thus these are the above areas that will help them to know the main benefits of the flax seeds which are rich in lignans. On the other side, ground flax seeds help in providing health benefits and when we are talking about its oil it will be stored in a cool and dark place. It is better is cook the food using this oil at low temperature which will further retain the nutritional properties in the best way.

Flax seed extract Lignan