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Bitter Apricot Seed Extract: Has the Perfect Answer to Cancer Already Arrived

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Bitter Apricot Seed Extract: Has the Perfect Answer to Cancer Already Arrived?
Is bitter apricot seed extract really effective in killing cancer cells without affecting the health of the patient? The key ingredient of the extract is Vitamin B17 or Laetrile. Is there really any merit in the apricot seed? Considering that the global cancer industry is worth 200 billion dollar in a year, many cheaper and more effective medicines can’t make inroads into the mainstream pharmaceutical market. Even a kid can assume that if a new, more cost-effective and more easily available alternative medicine makes entry into the market the multi-billion dollar industry would simply evaporate.

What is this B17 all about?
Dr. Ernst Krebb, a biochemist from San Francisco, decided in 1952 that cancer might be a metabolic reaction to inadequate diet. He also claimed that the missing nutrient or element in modern man’s diet could be the possible answer to cancer. He conducted deep research and tested 1200 plants that might contain this compound called Amagdylin. Amagdylin is found in great quantity in bitter apricot seed extract. Hunzas are a primitive clan of people who used to consume apricot seed kernels in huge quantity. No Hunza ever got cancer and enjoyed really long and healthy lives.

Amagdylin, a nitrioliside, is present in certain foods but are not foods themselves. It resembles the structure of B Complex. Dr. Krebb even applied the same on himself to make sure that the herbal medicine does not have any toxic side effects. Laetrile is obtained from a natural food substance and not prepared in laboratory. In other words, the big pharmaceutical industry cannot make a fortune out of the substance and since cancer remedy has little to no side effects, the ongoing treatment costs are also reduced to a great extent. Many cancer patients testify to the fact that they cured themselves by chewing apricot seeds. Now that the bitter apricot seed is here, there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

How does Bitter Apricot seed extract work?
The seed extract contains four useful substances, namely glucose (2), benzaldyhide, and cyanide. Yes, the third and fourth are poisons in free or in form of pure molecules. However, cyanide is not toxic when it is compounded with other molecules or formations. There is also enzyme in human body to detect free cyanide molecules and make them harmless with sulphur. This enzyme is scientifically known as rhodanese, which acts as a catalyst for the reaction and binds the cyanide to suffer to render it harmless. After that, it is transformed into cyanate, which is a neutral substance with no side effects, hence can easily pass through urine.

However, cancer cells are not normal cells. These cells contain a special type of enzyme which cannot be found in other types of cells. Beta Glucosidase, the enzyme, is also nicknamed as the unlocking enzyme for amagdylin. It releases the poisonous substances, which creates a toxic synergy.

It has been scientifically proved that Bitter Apricot Seed Extract can destroy cancerous cells without reaching any harm to the other cells. Compare it to the standard cancer treatment procedure, Chemotherapy, which kills a lot of healthy cells besides affecting the immune system as well while killing cancer cells, although how many cancer cells are destroyed by chemotherapy is still not clear.

Why we can’t see the Bitter Apricot Seed Extract and similar products too much?
Since the twenties of the last century, the proponents of alternative cancer medicines have been harassed, imprisoned, marginalized and even assassinated. Cancer cure industry is a grand industry worth billions and billions of dollars. This is possibly one of the reasons why we can’t see much of this medicine around, and especially in the brick-and-mortar drug stores.

However, there are many inspiring success stories of cancer patients overcoming the disease with the help of the alternative medicine. Whether or not the medicine is effective in curing cancer, it has numerous other benefits, including fatigue control, pain relief, increasing libido, among many other benefits.

However, the key challenge before an average customer may be its availability. Fortunately, many Bitter Apricot Seed Extract sellers have come up with handy solutions as they are now selling this wonder medicine online. 
Bitter Apricot Seed Extract: Has the Perfect Answer to Cancer Already Arrived