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Chlorogenic acid- The Obesity Destroyer

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Chlorogenic acid is a 100% natural substance present in dozens of foods and autumn herbs. It has gained a huge celebration, becoming known all over the planet, due to its amazing effects in weakening belts. However, chlorogenic acid should not only be seen as a weakening drug; it has a much wider effect on the body: protects body from premature aging, inhibits the development of many forms of cancer, prevents and treats diabetes effectively, and the list can continue.

Although chlorogenic acid appears to be a single substance, the name - used improperly in the singular - actually designates a family of substances found in the fruit bark, seed, and plant roots. The chlorogenic name has nothing to do with the substance called "chlorine," but with the fact that, by oxidation, these organic acids get a green color. Chloros meaning "green" in ancient Greek, and genos "give birth."

How we administer chlorogenic acid

From food
To get the most out of this substance, only consume raw, uncooked vegetation, because more than 80% of the chlorogenic acid present in food is lost by boiling. During warm season, make fresh fruit cures. For example strawberry cake in early summer, cranberry in July or plum in October. In the cold season, roasted salads are prepared from roots rich in chlorogenic acid, such as parsley, celery or carrot.

Green coffee extract
It is obtained from the uncooked grains of coffee varieties very rich in chlorogenic acid. Extraction takes place at industrial level at low temperatures, so that this susceptible substance does not degrade. A quality green coffee extract must contain at least 40% chlorogenic acid, but not more than 60%, because, by excessive concentration, the other active principles of green coffee are lost.

Chlorogenic acid and weight loss
    1. Slows the time of absorption of sugars in foods, keeping blood sugar constant, which prevents the appearance of hunger.
    2. Inhibits the process of transforming serum glucose into fatty tissue.
    3. Regulates the activity of the nervous system, reducing the reactivity to stress and paroxysmal hunger.
    4. Prevents inflammation of the adipose tissue, thus inhibiting the formation of cellulite.

Other internal healing effects
    * Cancer diseases- to prevent the formation of malignant tumors and inhibit their development are very useful food chains rich in chlorogenic acid. During autumn, for example, apple and pear straps are recommended, of which 800 g per day will be consumed. In winter and in the first part of spring, daily salads of celery, parsley and raw carrot are recommended, as well as the consumption of green tea, which is also rich in chlorogenic acid.

    * Parkinson's disease - it seems that chlorogenic acid simply protects the nervous system from degenerative processes, which is why populations that consume large amounts of food (green coffee, green tea, artichokes, bamboo shoots) containing this substance have a 52% lower incidence of this disease. Once Parkinson's disease is in place, its evolution can be slowed down considerably by a diet rich in crudities and by administering green coffee extract 1.2 g per day.

     * Increased cholesterol- not only chlorogenic acid but also other substances contained in green coffee, as well as in raw plants, have a strong negative cholesterol (LDL) reduction effect. Capsules are given with green coffee extract, three times a day, in 30-day courses, with 15 days of rest, after which the treatment can be resumed. This cleanses cholesterol levels and counteracts the oxidation and deposition processes on the arteries.

     * Hypertension- provided the green coffee extract is decaffeinated, its blood pressure lowering effect is very strong due to the massive presence of chlorogenic acid. According to studies, this substance helps the nervous system regulate blood vessel size, so that blood pressure is maintained at optimal levels.

     * Type I and II diabetes - Several studies conducted in human diabetic subjects and experimental animals with induced diabetes have shown that chlorogenic acid treatment not only reduces blood glucose by 10-20% but also stabilizes in the long term, ensuring good functioning of the pancreas.

     * Bile dyskinesia, indigestion- chlorogenic acid stimulates bile secretion and evacuation. It is especially recommended for people with hypotonic bile dyskinesia ("lazy" bile) because this natural substance has a tonic effect on smooth muscles.

     * Constipation- Chlorogenic acid is a powerful stimulant of the smooth muscle of the digestive tract, being an excellent remedy against atony constipation, which occurs very often in sedentary people who have a lot of office work or have to spend a long period of time sitting on the chair.

Precautions and contraindications
If you have diabetes, you should contact a specialist who will adjust your dose of medication or insulin, which should be low because of the antidiabetic effect of chlorogenic acid. Of the antidiabetic effect of chlorogenic acid.
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