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How to Find the Best Chrysanthemum Extract

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How to Find the Best Chrysanthemum Extract? 

Chrysanthemums have been used for centuries as medicinal herbs in East Asia. In Japan, chrysanthemums are called Kiku and are used extensively in a flower arrangement. It is partly because the beautiful chrysanthemum flowers represent the beauty and grace of nature.

In modern times, chrysanthemums have been used as ornamental flowers, medicinal herbs, and in foods that taste like tea. The high concentration of volatile oils in chrysanthemum flowers gives them a strong scent, and its waxy texture makes it a good plant for arranging. It is even used in traditional Japanese floral arrangements to represent long life and happiness for marriage.

Chrysanthemum Extract is an herb used in Asian cooking and traditional medicine; Chrysanthemum Extract is an essential part of many recipes. Finding a quality source of chrysanthemum extract can be a challenge but not impossible. The tips and strategies mentioned below will help you find the best possible start for your following recipe.

1.    Always Buy from Reputable Companies –
Chrysanthemum extract is available from several reputable companies. However, not all companies produce equally high-quality products. A reputable company will have a good reputation in the industry and offer a variety of high-quality chrysanthemum extracts without any added chemicals or fillers. Before purchasing any chrysanthemum extract, make sure that you buy from a reputable company.

2.    Purchase Extracts with the Proper Amount of Saponins –
While chrysanthemums contain many essential oils, saponins are the most beneficial to your health and longevity. Different manufacturers use different methods of extraction when creating chrysanthemum extracts. The amount of saponins present in the product is a good indication of whether it was correctly extracted. Look for products that have at least 10% of saponins by weight. Be sure to purchase extracts with at least 2% of this ingredient.

3.    Purchase Extracts That Are Guaranteed –
When purchasing any extract or herbal product, you want to know that you aren't getting a bunch of chemicals and fillers instead. Chrysanthemum extracts should be a mix of herbs, and the saponins should be the most prominent. Another good indicator of quality is if there are at least a few flowers in the bottle. Reputable companies will use whole herbs to create their products, so you know exactly what you buy.

4.    Purchase at the Right Time of Year –
Several factors go into creating your formula, but they can't all be considered at once. The time of year you purchase your extracts will significantly impact the quality. You always want to buy chrysanthemum extract when plants grow, and the saponins are plentiful at the start of the fall.

5.    Purchase Extracts in the Right Form –
Chrysanthemum Extract is available in various forms, but you obviously won't be using all of them for your formulas. The most common shapes include dried flowers, powdered chrysanthemum flowers, and liquid extracts. These different forms each serve other purposes. The dried flowers will offer the complete extract, with all of the beneficial chemicals you need in addition to the saponins. Powdered flowers are useful for combining with other herbs and spices for flavor. 

6.    Avoid Free Form, Low-Quality Products –
Free-form chrysanthemum extract produced with low-quality ingredients often appears on the black market. Unfortunately, these extracts are not usually high quality and should be avoided. Choose instead to purchase chrysanthemum extract that has been produced with the proper ingredients and processing. Of course, you don't want to buy any of these, but you'll also want to avoid free-form extracts produced from decomposing flowers or flowers treated with chemicals. 

7.    Purchase Extracts with Other Helpful Ingredients –
Being selective about the ingredients you use is an excellent way to ensure that your final product will be as potent and healthy as possible. Look for products that contain other essential oils and other helpful agents, like ginkgo, green tea, and vitamin C. The health benefits of these ingredients are well documented, so look for chrysanthemum extracts with them.

Chrysanthemums are an excellent plant to have in your garden and use for remedies. They offer an abundance of beneficial chemicals, the leaves make a tasty tea, and the flowers make beautiful arrangements. With the proper attention to quality ingredients and details of Chrysanthemum Extract, you'll be able to use chrysanthemums as a powerful source of healing ingredients that you can use in so many different recipes.Chrysanthemum Extract