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Citrus Lemon Fruit Extract And Its Importance In Health

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Citrus Lemon Fruit Extract And Its Importance In People’s Health

As the name suggests, Citrus Limon Extract is obtained from a lemon tree closely related to South Africa but can also be cultivated in the entire world due to its tangy taste. In addition, it is rich in rich in antioxidants along with conditioning properties. A lemon tree can grow up to 3 meters in height and generally have thorny bushes and bear citrus fruit.

Lemon is very high in vitamin c as well as citric acid, along with several important photochemical that can help a person strengthen their hair. Citrus lemon extract is more often used in hair body care products because it enhances body shine. It is also used in most hair products, as it can nourish hair fibers, making it strong. The following listed are the importance of lemon extract in people’s health.

          1. Supporting heart

According to a study, eating fruits rich in vitamin c can reduce the risk of some heart diseases and control cholesterol. Lemon is rich in vitamin c as eating a lemon can get a person half of their daily required amount of vitamin c intake. In addition, other fibers can also lower the risk of some heart diseases and plant compounds found in lemon, further increasing its benefits.

One lemon contains about 31 mg of vitamin c along with 24 grams of citrus fibre. If taken continuously for a month, this can significantly decrease a person`s blood cholesterol level. In addition, Hesperidin, along with diosmin, is a plant-based compound found in lemon that can also decrease a person`s cholesterol level.

           2. Regulating weight

People give several theories on how lemon helps in weight loss. The first one states that pectin fibre present in Citrus Limon Extract can expand in a person`s stomach, making it seem full to them. However, pectin is not present in lemon juice, and as most people do not eat lemons, they will not probably consume pectin.

A second theory stated by people is that eating a lemon while drinking warm water reduces weight. When people drink water alone, it increases the number of calories burned by them, which means it can also be the water alone that is helping reduce the weight. The study also shows that plant compounds in lemon can help a person not gain weight and reduce weight gain.

          3. Shield against kidney stones

Kidney stones are very common among people as they are crystallized waste products formed when they combine. When a person gets them, they can rapidly be formed again and again. One can prevent the formation of kidney stones by making a non-favorable environment for them. For example, drinking lemon with water can also increase the water flowing in kidneys that will also prevent kidney stones from crystallizing in the kidney.

This can be done either by making the urine more acidic or increasing its amount, which Citrus Limon Extract can do. Just half a cup of lemon can provide enough citric acid to prevent stone formation. Some people agree that drinking lemonade can also be proven effective for preventing kidney stones; however, no difference was found in studies conducted with or without their use.

          4. Decreases risk of cancer

Studies show mixed opinions on citrus fruit lowering the risk of cancer as some show positive effects and say that it is helpful, while others reject that by saying it shows no effects. However, a diet containing fruits and vegetables combined has known to be effective in decreasing the risk of cancer.

While searching, some test-tube results have shown lemon compounds attacking and killing cancer cells, but the same results may not be possible for the human body. Some studies have shown that a compound in lemon oil known as D-limonene has some anticancer properties.

Another study shows the same result for some compounds found in lemons, such as cryptoxanthin or hesperidin, to cure cancer. A study also shows that the following compounds prevent some tumors from developing in the lungs, tongue, or colons in rodents. However, one should note that researchers experimenting on this study used many of these chemicals in their study. Even after so many studies, it is still not clear if lemon extract can prevent cancer or not.

Citrus Lemon Fruit Extract