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Effectiveness Of Andrographis Paniculate Extract

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What Are The Main Uses And Effectiveness Of Andrographis Paniculate Extract?

Andrographis Paniculate is the most popular medicinal plant used in traditional Chinese Ayurveda and medicine. It is the traditional treatment that has been used to cure diseases such as high blood pressure, ulcers, skin disease, cancer, colic, diabetes, dyspepsia, and even malaria for centuries. It can be quite effective for the person. It is a bitter herb rich in the compound known as Andrographolides. If a person uses the Andrographis Paniculate Extract Andrographolide, it will help prevent and treat the common flu and cold.

It is even used for digestive complaints such as constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, and intestine gas. If a person faces any liver problem, this can be quite effective. It is the best Ayurveda medicine to help you treat liver damage because of any medication, enlarged liver, and jaundice. You can just consider taking this medicine as it can prove quite effective for people!

Uses of Andrographis Paniculate 

When a person thinks of Andrographis Paniculate, then it can prove quite effective for the person. It even helps in the immune system. People who are facing the problem of HIV then it will improve the blood cell counts and help with allergies too. A person can use this herb for several different purposes, and those are as follow-

Common Cold

It has been shown in several types of research that if a person takes the Andrographis Paniculate Extract through the mouth if they are facing the cold, then it can be quite effective. It helps improve the symptoms of the common cold but make sure you are taking medicine within 72 hours of feeling sick. When you take this then, some of those symptoms may be treated in just 48 hours after taking it. But normally, it can take about four to five days so that most of the symptoms you get have gone.

It can be the best for the children; the main thing is that it is ayurvedic, it will not cause any kind of side effect. If you want to get this product to prevent the cold, you should look for a specific product, Kan Jang.

Treating Flu

It has also been seen that a person with several flu symptoms can also get treated with the help of Andrographis if it is taken with the combination of the Siberian ginseng. If you take it like this, you can get a better response. The patient will feel better so quickly than the patient who takes other drugs that are then approved by the FDA to prevent the flu and treat influenza A. One of the main reasons to take the Andrographis is because it does not cause any complications to the people who are coughing or breathing problems even after the flu.  

Reduce fever and sore throat

Are you facing a high fever? It can be because of several reasons, and taking the right medicine is important. Andrographis Paniculate Extract can be considered at that time as it will help the person reduce the high fever just after 3-7 days of treatment. It can also be quite effective for a person who has a sore throat because of tonsillitis. It can happen to anyone, and with the help of Andrographis, the person can get the best treatment, and they may feel a lot better than before.

Inflammatory bowel disease 

Nobody knows what will happen to them in the future, and that is why taking precautions regarding their health is important. A person can face many inflammatory bowel diseases, which include Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. But the research says that if you are taking Andrographis regularly for about eight weeks, it will prove quite efficient for you. It will also help in reducing the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases. 

The Final Words

After research, it has been proved that Andrographis Paniculate Extract Andrographolide is quite beneficial for the person. It is the best ayurvedic medicine that a person can consider taking, which can help them with several diseases. Those diseases can be Allergies, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, liver problems, ulcers, skin disease, or any other Sinus infections. So if you are facing any of these problems, better take Andrographis!

Andrographis Paniculate Extract