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What is the benefits of adding Elderberry Extract to your diet

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For hundreds of years, people are using elderberry extract in the treatment of various diseases. Elderberry is popularly known for its health benefits and as it contains antioxidants which help to fight against cold and flu and also helps the person to boost their immune system.
Now, the major question that arises in most of the minds is what exactly the elderberries are and how they can be beneficial for our health?
Well, elderberries are the fruit that is derived from the Sambucus tree. The tree contains a cluster of small white or cream elderflowers with bunches of small blue or back elderberries. For years, native people are using Elderberry Extract to pamper their health and to boost their immune system.
We are living in a generation, where cold and flu acts as one common infection that every 90 of 100 people goes through. Also, with the hustle-bustle of life, people almost forget to take care of their immune system, thus protecting your immune system and saving you from infections like cold and flu. The Elderberry Extract promises to act as a rescue. There are numerous health benefits that the Elderberry Extract promises, let’s explore some of them in detail.
1.  Fight against cold and flu- from years of research, it is proved that elderberry extract might contain the antioxidants and the anti-viral effects that have the power to fight against the cold and flu. Adding elderberry extract to your diet can help reduce the pain of cold and flu by treating your immune systems fast as compared to the other herbal medicines. 

2. Treats acne- with the growth of pollution over our surroundings, acne has become the most common thing to happen. Every person is searching for the best solution that can help them to get rid of acne. Where elderberry extract works like a gem. The elderberry fruit contains a high level of flavonoids that showcases different anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The healthy properties of elderberry extract protect healthy cells from the harmful free radicals that are known as the reason for your major skin problems. Where the American nutrition association suggests that using elderberry extract or face wash made of elderberry and different natural ingredients can help a person to fight against acne due to its magic antiseptic effects.  

3. Reduces wrinkles- wrinkles are one of the common skin problems that may be seen with the growing age. Every person at a certain age needs to go through the phase where they need to handle wrinkles. Where elderberry extract acts as a solution for you. Elderberries contain a high level of vitamin A, which is known as the finest source in protecting your skin. Elderberry extract soothes your skin and thus helps ease the appearance of age spots, and therefore prevents or lessens the wrinkles.   

Apart from being a magic source for your skin, elderberry extract also assures you to protect your health by delivering numerous healthy nutrients and vitamins to your body. It is believed and proved that one cup of elderberries contains a total of 106 calories and 26.68 grams of carbohydrates and the bunch of vitamins and minerals that are listed below.

            870 mg of vitamin A
            406 mg of potassium
            52.2 mg of vitamin C
            9 mg of folate
            55 mg of calcium
            2.32 mg of iron
           10.2 gram of dietary fiber 

Elderberry extract promises the correct amount of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber to our body that assures our body with health benefits. It is a known fact that people who intake the correct amount of fiber can have the following health benefits.
           Prevent constipation
           Improve bowel function
           Protection against the colorectal cancer
           Reduces blood pressure
           Protect against cardiovascular disease
           Lower blood cholesterol 

These are some of the other health benefits that the elderberry extract offers. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that adding elderberry extract to your diet is the finest way of pampering your skin and health with numerous health benefits. Every person of us dreams for clear healthy skin, where the elderberry extract promise to fulfill the dream.
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