Eucommia ulmoides Extract

Latin Name : Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.
Plant part used: Leaf
Active Ingredient: Chlorogenic Acid
Specification: 5%-99% Chlorogenic Acid HPLC
Test Method: HPLC
Case No.: 327-97-9
Main Function: Antioxidant, Anti-diabetes, Anti-tumor, Weight Reduction
Eucommia is about 15m tall tree native to China. It is near threatened in the wild, but is widely cultivated in China for highly valued in herbology such as Traditional Chinese medicine. Eucommia leaves are used for make tea in native chinese’s tradition duo to its smell and a highly nutrition ingredients, chlorogenic acid. 
Chlorogenic acid (CGA) also known as Caffetannic acid,which is Shrinkage acid and determined by caffeic acid and the quinic aicd.It belongs to phenylpropanoid compounds. CGA is widely exists in the plant, in which Honeysuckle and Eucommia Bark contain more CGA.It has a broad anti-bacterial, heat detoxification, cool casual style heat, gallbladder, and bleeding, increased white blood cells and anti-virus and so on
• Anti-virus,anti-biosis, anti-inflammatory, detoxify
• Depressurization
• Anti-tumor  
• Invigorating the kidney, improving immunity  
• Anti-oxidation,anti-aging,anti-resistant for muscle and bones 
Eucommia ulmoides Extract,Chlorogenic Acid

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