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Eyebright- Everything To Know About

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Eyebright is a plant that is used as a medicine among people. The parts of this plant that can grow above the ground are further used as inflammation medicine for swelling in the body. The medicine created using this plant is mainly used through the mouth but can also be taken through nose trills. This can show curing signs and relief a person from the nasal cavity, sinuses, allergies, and hay fever and is also effective in some other conditions.  Eyebright Extract, however, is also used for flavoring food.

Despite the facts mentioned above and the people that have talked about the relief they have got from this plan, there is still no scientific evidence of its uses against such conditions. Even though there can be some risks of applying the medicine of this plant directly to a person`s eye, some people still ignore it and use it. If the plant shows any sign of infection, it can take the eyesight of a person temporarily or even sometimes permanent, along with eye fatigue.

Working Of Eyebright

There is noticed that chemicals present in this plant can act the same as astringents and might also kill some bacteria. In addition, there have been some mentions and rumors of several other uses of eyebright for curing people in some of their issues. Examples of such problems have been listed below for a person to know and understand them.

          1. There have been a lot of rumors among people that the plant eyebright can cure pink eyes. It is said that the process usually takes about two weeks to completely do it. But the fact is that pink eyes usually cure on their own within the time of two weeks. Thus, it is still unclear if this is the effectiveness of eyebright or if the body is curing it.

          2. The medicine created by the buds of eyebright that a person swallows through the mouth is also said to be effective against certain allergies people have.

          3. Many people have also noticed its effectiveness against colds, headaches, coughs, and even itches that are quite common among people.

          4. One of the most common effects against which this medicine is found and proved to be good is swelling and nasal cavity blockage, along with some other conditions.

Side Effects Noticed By People

Even though Eyebright Extract and the medicine are safe if taken through the mouth and in the quantities allowed if taken other ways, it can be harmful too. This is because there are many other ways by which a person can consume this medicine. Firstly, as told earlier, it is through the mouth, commonly for swelling, and second is through the nostrils to get rid of the blockage in a person's nasal cavity.

However, if this medicine is taken through the nose, it can be harmful as it may have side effects that are still unknown. But the fact is that there is still the need for research required to know more about the side effects and unhealthy effects it can show later on in a person`s body without them knowing. Thus, it is crucial for a person to only take it in the recommended way and also in the amount mentioned as safe by the food department.

Precautions Set By Scientists To Keep In Mind

There are some conditions where eyebright might not be safe to use, such as pregnancy. This is said as there is still not enough information on the topic to conclude for a scientist to know. People still need research to know more and keep people aware. Thus it is not suggested to use eyebright in case of a pregnancy. Eyebright Extract is also said to avoid in case of diabetes as, during this time, there is still some research needed to be done, and some tests are to be made first.

Can Eyebright Be Used For Curing Diabetes?

People have been noticing cases related to diabetes that have reported the effectiveness of the eyebright plant and its medicine to be effective in controlling it. According to some rumors and scientific research, eyebright is successful in lowering the blood sugar level of a person. Thus, it can be helpful for a person in decreasing their risk of acquiring a high blood sugar level or getting diabetes. In addition, it can also help decrease the dosage of medicines and insulin injections that are prescribed for decreasing diabetes.

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