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Ginger root extract and its ingredients


Ginger is medicinal plant of the year 2018: No wonder, because it is rich in minerals. The proportion of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron is immensely high and accounts for about 1.2 percent of the root alone. In addition, the tuber is a veritable powerhouse in terms of vitamin C, because per 100 grams of ginger are up to 6000 milligrams of vitamin C contained. In addition, the content of vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin) is extremely high. Ginger also provides relevant amounts of copper and manganese as well as slightly lower levels of iron and zinc. Finally, the flavonoid kaempherol also occurs in ginger root extract.

Why ginger root extract is so healthy?

The listed ingredients include a variety of beneficial properties. There are, for example, the essential oils borneol and cineole: While borneol improves the bioavailability of other substances, cineole has an expectorant and antibacterial effect. The flavonoid kaempherol is said to have valuable anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. And the two "agitators" also do valuable work. Several studies have shown that gingerols have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-cancer effects.

The trace elements contained in ginger root extract also have numerous beneficial properties. For example, zinc plays a major role in cell division, growth, immune defense, and hormone production. Manganese is involved in the production of glucose and bone metabolism, while copper is responsible for pigment metabolism. The many minerals are involved in the regulation of the water and electrolyte budget and in the entire cell metabolism, they are also important for the function of numerous enzymes and the signal transmission in nerve, muscle and heart muscle cells.

The vitamins contained in the ginger extract remain: The high proportion of vitamin C serves as a valuable antioxidant and is involved in the collagen metabolism, the various B vitamins support the energy and amino acid metabolism and the nervous system.

Ginger root extract in cosmetics

In cosmetics, ginger extract also plays an increasingly important role, because the great tuber is good for our skin. Ginger root extract combats possible inflammation in the human body and contributes to an improvement in the so-called micro-perfusion. This is very important for a healthy and beautiful skin. At the same time, ginger is also an antiseptic miracle weapon that simply destroys any pathogenic microorganisms. Ginger root extract is therefore ideal in the fight against acne and other skin diseases.

If you apply ginger in the form of a mask, you quickly feel an improvement in the blood circulation. As a result, the cells are better supplied with oxygen, which makes the skin look much younger and fresher. In addition, ginger root extract promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin when applied. The result also ensures a younger look. Overall, the skin is permanently improved by ginger. If you have an uneven complexion or pale skin, you can also get good results with ginger root extract.

Even to prepare for a thorough facial cleansing, the extract from the ginger root is suitable. The reason: The ingredients contribute to a significant expansion of the pores, so that subsequent cleaning products can develop their effect much better.

There is a small disadvantage in the cosmetic use of ginger, but nevertheless: Since this is a fairly strong agent, the application on very sensitive or irritated skin is not necessarily recommended. The same applies to rosacea, wounds and other skin injuries.

For all other skin types, however, there are no concerns. Anyone who is unsure whether they tolerate ginger root extract, the corresponding preparation before the actual application in a small unremarkable body on the body test. In 100 milliliters ginger root extract stuck up to 1.5 kilograms of fresh ginger.

Cosmetics with ginger root extract

Ginger root extract is a real treat for our skin and can be well integrated in high-quality cosmetic products. Whether to combat acne, as a circulation-enhancing facial mask or as a cream, the spice plant is not only healthy, but by applying the appropriate extract for an attractive fresh skin.
Ginger root extract