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The various benefits of Goji berry- Lycium Barbarum Extract

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For thousands of years, people in Asia have been using the extremely rich vitamins and minerals of goji berries. The fruits of this shrub herb, which is cultivated mainly in China, are now also regarded as particularly valuable and nutritious by Western medicine and scientists. They are far superior to other vitamin-rich fruit or vegetable varieties in terms of potency.

Goji berries are night shadow plants, which are known under different names and are increasingly valued for their properties in many areas of the world. The term "Chinese wolfberry", also Lycium Barbarum extract is commonly called as bocksdorn or devil twist. Whoever wants to grow the plant and looking for seeds or seedlings usually comes across the name of the Chinese wolfberry, which may well be a reference to the Asian origin of the plant. This is less true for the actual distribution and sale of the Lycium barbarum extract.

Composition and properties

Goji berry
A closer look at the ingredients of Goji berry reveals a whole spectrum of chemically active ingredients, more than in most other known plant varieties. For example, buckwheat fruit contains the vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. Iron, copper, nickel, chromium, calcium and magnesium are also present in high concentrations, along with a whole series of other vital substances.

Undoubtedly, the goji berry is one of the most nutrient-rich fruits on earth. This is particularly clear in the case of the anti-oxidants present: more than 4000 percent higher than orange is the proportion of these important components which offer effective protection against free radicals and whose sufficient number in the organism is responsible for a variety of processes. The percentage of vitamin B also exceeds many other fruits.

Because of these characteristics, the Lycium barbarum extract is considered an important part of traditional Chinese medicine in Asia. And this is not without reason, as some scientific investigations are now proving.

If the wolfberries are harvested, they are subsequently dried or pressed out. In both cases the valuable nutrients are preserved. However, as in all other areas of food processing, there are also a distribution channels which, for profit reasons, reduce the quality and irradiate the fruits or treat them with any chemicals.

Sometimes this is not immediately apparent when the product is ready for sale - which is why direct demand is worth it! As a rule, however, the sellers show their products as reliable and flawless, the deviation from this standard is rather the exception and fortunately quite rarely observed.

The Lycium barbarum extract can be purchased on the Internet or in well-sorted health care stores and food stores. Quality has its price, which can vary depending on the provider. In case of doubt, the more expensive the product, the more likely a high-quality processing is. Beware of cheap offers! Behind this are often unreliable providers, the fruits are often contaminated or immature. In such a case, the whole range of berries is of no use.

Consumption and use
If the goji berry is consumed fresh, it tastes a bit sour, but mainly sweet. Even a harsh note can sometimes be noticed, which invites to a varied preparation. The fruits are distant from the cherries or the cranberries, but the slight acidity is certainly a special aspect.

Whether as a full-fledged snack, as a dessert or a side dish - Chinese wolfberries enrich every leaflet! They can also be used for baking cakes or as a side dish for game and dark meat. As a dry fruit they have roughly the size of a raisin and are suitable for the production of sauces and as an addition for muesli, yoghurt, curd or refreshing smoothies. Like other fruit varieties, they can also be used in many different ways, but they are particularly valuable because of their active ingredients.

Health aspects
Because of its immense variety of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients, the Goji berry has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. There, they are used as a means against cancer, aging, diseases of the immune system and in many other areas. However, they are not only suitable for acute or chronic diseases, but also for the prevention and the fundamentally conscious and healthy diet, the consumption of these special fruits is recommended.

Losing weight with goji berries
Anyone wishing to go through a diet can use Lycium barbarum extracts as a dietary supplement. Its high active ingredient supports the organism during cleansing and purification. The immense antioxidants effect anti - aging effects and promote the general well - being. The feeling of hunger can be dampened, likewise too high blood pressure.
Goji berry- Lycium Barbarum Extract