Years stick, grape seed extract usher in a new era

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Grape seed extract is ranked China's exports of plant extracts before 60 varieties, mainly used in health food sector. Since the second half of 2014, the United States supplements the shelf event of the occurrence of grape seed extract, grape seed extract acts exposed adulteration! Thereby directly affecting the export of grape seed extract include extracts , including the United States on edge , set the best folk various detection methods , to our country 's grape seed extract and other products for a range of identification ! Supply and demand behavior of the market, what 's over ?
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It is understood that the past year, grape seed extract high-quality specifications of the product sales better. International buyers' benchmark obvious change from the original purchase "the cheaper the better" to grape seed extract product selective high standards , this trend will eventually encourage high -quality high-quality suppliers stand out! International market demand is steady increase in domestic demand
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European and American markets as the main demand of the international market in recent years the country remained stable. In China, demand for grape seed extract continues to heat up, the annual increase of up to 30 %. Our major supermarkets, drug stores and other channels can be seen everywhere grape seed extract capsules health care products. Product grape seed extract masks, serums and other cosmetics was also popular with the introduction of favorable domestic consumers. Just detect grape seed extract has not yet currently the appropriate standards, consumers "natural" tendency, whether some blind?
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Market grape seed extract are genuine sources of the game, the United States GNC production of grape seed extract as the main ingredient of dietary supplements event although no final conclusion , but provides a tangible positive energy for the entire industry ! Future market grape seed extract is necessarily fakes living space more narrow, space filling genuine market demand. And the future market, is no longer a concept of thin received extensive cultivation, intensive cultivation is the future trend of the market occupied by the Highlands!