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Nutritional Benefits of Herb extracts

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These are nutritious herbs or combinations of nutritious herbs or plants that are diluted in water and ethanol and can be used as a "dietary supplement." Natural ethanol is alcohol distilled from cereals that are also known as "neutral alcohol." The most frequently asked question is: "What are plant extracts and why do they contain natural or neutral alcohol?" Herbal extracts are nutritious herbs or plants that have been diluted in a liquid that allows for extracting all their properties. These are "dietary supplements."

Medicinal and aromatic plants are botanical raw materials, also known as medicinal herbs, mainly used for therapeutic, aromatic and culinary purposes, or as components used in the manufacture of cosmetics, medicines, natural foods, and other natural health products. They are also the starting material for value-added processed natural products such as essential oils, dry and liquid extracts, and oleoresins.

The industrial demand for medicinal and aromatic plants is undeniable, thanks to the increased production of therapeutic formulations of plants, herbal cosmetics, and herbal supplements. Moreover, traditional doctors, traditional healers, and household consumption have contributed to the demand for herbal medicines. Finished medicinal and aromatic herbal products are increasingly prescribed and sold over the counter.

For example:
When you drop a tea bag in a cup of hot water, the color, taste, and aroma that dissolve in the water make it an extract of grass (water extract). However, some parts of the herb contained in the sachet do not dissolve in the water. Water does not dissolve the detergent, oily, waxy properties, nor the enzymes or hormones contained in the herbs.

The combination of water and neutral alcohol is the best-known liquid for dissolving all parts of the grass. Therefore, extracts made from water and neutral alcohol provide nutritious herbs in "predigested" form. It should be remembered that when you receive the full power of a nutritious herb, a small amount has a lot of effects.

The extracts are designed to be used as a supplement to the diet with nutritious herbs that are easily assimilated. Most people do not even know that they can have up to ten pounds of rather disgusting garbage that covers the surface of their digestive tract - the stomach, small and large intestines. This waste forms a barrier between the food that is eaten and the nutritional value of the food.

When you look at the digestive tract of an adult, you see a tube about 26 feet long that is often congested or empties very slowly because of waste, or worse, if that waste is not removed, they can be continuously reabsorbed in the body. This waste barrier is not only detrimental to the reabsorption of commonly consumed foods, but it also prevents herbs in powders, herbal capsules, herbal tablets, and vitamin tablets from being digested and assimilated.

An effective method has been found to absorb nutritious herbs through this barrier and even to dissolve the barrier itself — herbal extracts solving this problem. They cannot only pass through the debris barrier, but they accomplish this quickly, and they can even help dissolve the barrier during the process. This ends the problem of having to take 114 tablets and capsules a day, to get something by the debris barrier and dissolve it. In reality, an extract of herbs can be applied externally directly to the region concerned.

Depending on the amount, neutral alcohol performs different functions when introduced into the body or applied to the body. In tiny quantities (drops), it acts as a vehicle for everything that is dissolved in it. It dissolves nutrients and allows them to be absorbed by the body.

Why choose extracts?
       1. More concentrated
       2. More effective
       3. Unbeatable fastness
       4. Does not require digestion
       5. Easier to assimilate
       6. No coloring agent or preservative
       7. Only the plant and its alcohol

In summary, the extracts are much more effective and of better quality than all the other forms of plants. Also, they are pure, without preservative, dye or artificial flavor, only the plant and its alcohol are in the bottle.
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