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Rhodiola Rosea Extracts: Discover Benefits Straight by Visiting Rosavin Factorie

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Ever heard of the plant Rhodiola Rosea? Most of us know this flowering plant by common names like rose root, western roseroot, golden root, Arctic root, orpin rose and so on. A vital chemical extracted from this plant is ‘Rosavin’, which is a cinnamyl alcohol glycoside that occurs along with salidroside within extracts of Rhodiola. Despite being a phytochemical, it’s herbal and responsible for mood uplifting and creating anxiolytic effects.

Market availability
The market is flooded with several drugs and supplements of Rhodiola that specify the amount of rosavin to be taken. Exceeding the recommended dosage might result in negative output and that’s completely unnecessary. Before you buy these supplements, get an idea about the rosavin factory where it was manufactured from. Then see the percentage of rosavin stated if you wish to gauge the potency of the extract. The reason why this percentage matters is chiefly because of the active ingredients present. It’s surprising but two different people will never be administered the same dosage of the drug. There are noticeable differences as a result of the concentration of active ingredients present.

But then again, it’s safer to go by research and doctor’s prescriptions in order to determine the presence of active chemicals that give the maximum impact of the Rhodiola Rosea plant. And rosavin is indeed a key constituent of it.

Presence of rosavins in rhodiola rosea
Modern medicines rely a lot on combining active ingredients of multiple extracts. These actually provide benefits galore. But talking specifically about RRhodiola, not all the species of the plant are exact. In fact, when you look at them, they look different, which clearly implies that the benefits that come along vary too.

A research study was conducted and then the results got published in 2010, wherein it was found that extracts from 3 different varieties contained more than 120 compounds. All these were extracted from plant oils. The plants belonged to India, China and Bulgaria. Even when all the plants were seen carefully, the isolated compounds were common to a certain extent, not really of the same combination.

A very interesting aspect that came as a result of the study was exploring the source of the rose-like aroma. It is from this that the name of the plant is known now. Now the oil extract that came from the root contained a substance called ‘geraniol’. After this compound is found with phenthylalcohol, which is also present in Rhodiola Rosea, the scent of rose emanated.

Frankly, most of the work done in this case has been largely on a phytochemical basis. In other words, an examination of the chemical composition of plants and herbs has been done. Added to that is the investigation into the chemical properties or reactions of those compounds that were kept isolated.

Coming back to Rhodiola Rosea, the main compounds were ‘salidroside’ and ‘rosavins’. Most rosavin factories group these together and term them as ‘phenylpropanoids’. And why just rosavins? There are more like rosin and rosarin in case of Rhodiola Rosea.

The multiple benefits of rosavins
Whether by itself or in conjunction with other compounds, Rosavins are indispensable when it comes to reduction of anxiety and nervous ailments. This is a property that most consumers seem to be interested in, but there are other benefits of rosavins that intrigues even scientific findings.

Not only has the researches been done to find ‘if’ certain benefits are found, but also under ‘what’ conditions can the effects be positive. Even western medicines are busy trying to prove ‘how’ these benefits are actually found.
In certain rosavin factories where research work is also allowed, it’s clearly seen that benefits include anti-stress, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and also rendering protection from auto-immune conditions. Also, it promotes longevity.

Nothing is accomplished in isolation
And that’s a fact. Rosavins never work alone. Only after combining with other compounds present within the varieties of Rhodiola Rosea, the effects are maximally felt. Like the chemical ‘salidroside’ is necessary in required ratios if someone wishes to achieve the best results possible.

Thanks to most people employed in rosavin factories, they feel likewise. But the suggestion that salidroside is the most powerful of all compounds contained within Rhodiola Rosea is again a misleading one.

Check for the dosage and safety instructions prior to using supplements containing rosavin.
Rhodiola Rosea Extracts: Discover Benefits Straight by Visiting Rosavin Factories