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Spirulina – 9 Benefits It Has To Offer For Your Health

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Spirulina – 9 Benefits It Has To Offer For Your Health

Spirulina is a kind of blue-green algae that humans have been taking as a dietary supplement. It is even considered a superfood, thanks to the nutritional values it carries. The value of protein and vitamin content in it is pretty high, which justifies its reason for being an effective supplement.

Thus, if you want a supplement that will not disturb your vegetarian or vegan practices, it is time to include Spirulina in your diet. The majority of the consumers prefer to take Spirulina Powder to have the maximum benefits. The powdered form is effective as well as cheap.

Here are the potential benefits for your health with the usage of Spirulina:

1. The Best Nutritional Profile

The first benefit you can expect is a boost of nutrients in your body. This alga has very strong nutrients paired with lower calories. There are all the necessary nutrients that your body needs. These include protein, fat, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, and many more.

The presence of thiamin, niacin, folate, vitamin B-6, K and A, and vitamin B-6 makes this more beneficial than this alga already was. Hence you will have all the benefits of a balanced diet by adding this supplement in any form. Spirulina Powder can be the most convenient form of intake.

2. Support Your Mental Health

Various studies have been done to prove that Spirulina is an effective treatment for mood swings. The claim is backed by the presence of Tryptophan, an amino acid in the algae. Tryptophan can boost serotonin production.

Depressed or anxious people have a very low level of serotonin, which adversely affects their mental health. For such people, this alga can be helpful. Though there is no solid basis for it, there will possibly be no adverse effects on the body as it is natural.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

The most common way to lose weight is by lowering your calorie intake. Since it has been mentioned earlier, Spirulina is an ingredient that has very low calories in it and very high nutritional content. Thus, introducing Spirulina Powder into the food can help your body promote weight loss.    

4. Improvement Of Gut Health

The blue-green algae can be digested without any issue. The reason behind this is the structure of Spirulina. Its cells do not have fibrous or thick walls, thus, helping your body digest these easily. In addition, through the studies conducted on animals, the scientists have claimed that this can serve as healthy gut bacteria.

5. Manage Diabetes

One thing that surprised many people is the ability of this alga to help with the symptoms of diabetes. People with higher blood glucose levels can lower them by using Spirulina Powder. Research also suggested that Spirulina is a great food option for level 1 and 2 diabetic people.

 A person fed with this alga may show higher insulin levels and lower blood sugar. Thus, Spirulina can help you get rid of the symptoms and sometimes may eliminate the disease.

6. Lower Cholesterol

The extract of Spirulina can help you lower the cholesterol level in your body. Cholesterol is the bad fat that can increase a person's chances of developing heart issues. Taking this natural supplement can help your body lower the bad cholesterol and exceed the good ones.

7. Prevention Against Heart Diseases

Both high blood pressure and cholesterol are the major cause of heart diseases. As Spirulina is helpful in both the conditions, a person can protect has heat well. Even a study conducted in 2013 calmed the potential benefits of the blue-green algae for the heart.

8. Boost In Metabolism

A person's metabolism is directly linked to the energy his body seems to have. A higher rate of metabolism also promotes burning more calories, which helps a person lose some weight. Studies have claimed that an intake of six grams of Spirulina daily can help a person lose weight effectively.

9. Reduction In Allergy Symptoms

Allergic rhinitis has become common and is caused by the swelling of the nose. The inflammation in the nose is majorly caused due to the allergic reaction of the body toward dust, pets, or pollens. For such allergic reactions, Spirulina is one of the most effective ingredients of the food. It can also help you reduce the inflammation inside the nose and takedown histamine.

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