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Tetrahydropalmatine: All You Need To Know About It

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Tetrahydropalmatine: All You Need To Know About It

Tetrahydropalmatine or THP is a drug that is sold over the counter and used for various diseases. Its most common use is to treat Parkinson's disease along with other medicines. Movement Issues that may occur due to side effects of some other medicines are also treated by it. Normally doctors advise taking THP tablet empty stomach first thing in the morning.  Taking it in this manner can reduce the possibilities of interaction and side effects.

To maintain a consistent level of medicine in the body, it should be taken simultaneously every day. Consider taking advice from an experienced doctor before you start consuming it daily. Several people can be allergic to it. Apart from this, a person can be on medicine that can interact with the THP capsule. In this situation, it becomes important to consult a doctor before starting Tetrahydropalmatine dosage.

     1. What Are The Important Things To Be Remembered While Consuming It?

The most important thing is to complete the course religiously and sincerely. This means that you have to take the dose daily as advised by your doctor. Do not miss any dose of the tablet and if in case you missed it, consume it as soon as possible. Never consume two doses at a time, as it can increase the level of THP in the body. If you feel better than before, you must consider talking to the doctor before leaving it.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then consider talking to your doctor before starting its dose. In addition, it is important to rinse your eyes several times a day while taking the tablet. It is an over-the-counter drug that is used for the treatment of abnormal movement. Therefore, maintaining good oral hygiene and increasing liquid intake are important.

     2. What Could Be The Common Side Effects Of THP?

Normally the side effect of consuming THP regularly is nausea and vomiting. Apart from these two, people can also suffer dizziness, sleeplessness, and problem related to vision. Anything that requires much mental focus should be avoided while taking medicine. While taking medicine, you will feel dryness in the mouth very often. It is important to keep a mouthwash handy and also drink plenty of water. During the course, consider wearing your specs and avoid contact lenses. Dry eyes can get irritated after wearing contact lenses; you can skip them during the course.

Consider talking to your doctor about any ongoing medical health issue with your body. Especially if you are suffering problems related to heart or urine, tell to your doctor. Liver or kidney medicines can also interact with e in taking THP, so it is mandatory to talk to your doctor. There may be no problem in taking medicine along with some other medicines. But it is always advised to stay on the safer side to avoid risk.

     3. Benefits Of Taking The Tablet

The THP tablet is usually sold in the 2 MG packaging, and it is beneficial for Parkinson's disease. People suffering from this disease or any other movement disorder can start its dosage. Parkinson's disease makes the muscles of a person stiff, which becomes a hurdle why walking on standing. Loss of balance and excessive muscle pain are also some of the symptoms related to Parkinson's disease. The tablet helps in relaxing the stiff muscles and thus eases movement.

There is a complete course of the medicine along with some other medicines for treating this disease. People who are facing any side effects such as abnormal movement are also treated by it. It is advised to a person to start and stop it only after consulting with a doctor. Starting it without any advice and stopping it immediately can result in serious side effects. As soon as you can do your daily activities, you can talk to your doctor to stop them.


This is all you need to know about Tetrahydropalmatine medicine on different diseases. People should not consume the drug without taking advice from a reputed medical professional. This drug is something that interacts with the muscle pain and movement of the body. Therefore it should be kept away from small children and must be taken after proper advice.