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The wonder doctor pine

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The only way to have a happy life is to have a healthy life. Nature has given many therapeutic plants for having a disease-free life. One such marvelous creation is the Pine. Let us see how pine bark extracts are helpful in our daily lives.
We all know what a pine tree is as we have learned about it from our middle school geography book. But do we really know that pine trees are used for a variety of medicinal purposes? It is one of the Herbal medicines used as a great dietary supplement.
1. The Green Needle Tree.
Pine trees are evergreen coniferous trees which are found in most parts of the world. They are long-lived and are known to survive even in the rough weather. These trees love the sun and do not grow well in shady regions. The very structure of the pine itself is helpful for its survival. The large big and tall wood is one of the significant features of this kind of tree.
2. Winter foraging survival food.
The cambium of the bark is found to be edible and is used as a winter foraging survival food. Pine bark extracts are a great source of nutritious food to maintain the health of the human body so it can be used as an alternative to growing most foods are not possible during the month of winter. It is very easy to prepare the pine bark extract. All we need is a hard knife that can break through the outer bark away. Bark is the outermost layer of the tree which is composed of dead tissues. This layer protects the new layer of cells that cambium adds to the xylem from the scorching sun and from the other living beings. There are nearly four layers in it, the outer bark, inner bark, the cambium, wood. It is very easy to peel the cambium away.
3.Why Pine bark extract?
Many of us ignore our health in this fast-forwarding world. This is the reason why diseases are increasing in number. It is really easy to destroy health, but rebuilding it is hard. The extracts from pine bark have been used extensively for a variety of medicinal purposes in nature by Native Americans and Europeans. Pine bark extracts are used as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-carcinogenic. Pine trees are used worldwide for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in compounds known as Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC or OPC's) which belongs to a class of polyphenols present in the fruits, seeds, and barks of many species of plants. They work to counter the effects of oxidation and free radical generation in the body which can manage deterioration regarding the problems caused by aging.
4. Medicinal Properties.
These multi-system antioxidants protect us from free radicals. Free radicals will mean no harm if one neutralizes it by increasing the intake of antioxidants. Eating pine bark extracts in the form of powder or taking it as pills can promote healthy joint and reduces inflammation, it helps and supports the immune system, supports cardiovascular health, acts as a natural coolant and cures infections relating to urinary tract
5. Adding to the daily diet.
Besides medication healthy diet is what any individual would need. Adding nutritious food to the dietary intake can gradually improve one's health. Pine trees are a wonder in a way each and every part can be used as a medicine because of its value. It can be added to our daily diet in the following way. First chip off the bark and extract the cambium which is present inside the hard bark. Keep in mind that cambium is a small layer and if we happen to scrape it deep we have a risk of eating the wood itself. Take 10 grams of the pine bark extract. Clean it thoroughly using water and then take 500 ml of water boil it, when you see the bubbles you can put the cleansed bark extracts. After thirty minutes, strain it and you can drink it as an herbal tree. We can consume it daily for better results in health.
pine bark extract