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What is SCHISANDRA? The Omega 3 of Puroomega

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It is an original plant from the north of China, widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, in Korean medicine and in Russia. It is also called the fruit of the five flavors, since it combines them, and is the origin of its name in Chinese: wu-wei-zi. Schisandra berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years, with properties against stress and fatigue.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Schisandra Chinensis Extract is one of the few herbs that contains the three treasures known as Jing, Qi and Shen (essence, energy and spirit). In the form of tea, in drops or in capsules. The main characteristic of this fruit is that it is highly ADAPTOGENE, this means that it helps to rebalance and restore body energy and improve its balance, as well as improve sleep. So it is very useful as anti-stress but not only that, also as toning depending on the needs.

In recent years, this fruit has increased its popularity as an alternative to stimulant products such as caffeine.

Schisandra Chinesnis is a plant native to Russia and China. It is a rather vigorous climbing plant, very opaque, rustic, with thick and healthy vegetation, resistant to parasites and fungal diseases. He likes semi-sunny positions and tolerates cold and freezing even the late ones very well. It prefers soft, generally well drained, basically acidic soils; however the plant is very adaptable and adapts well even in calcareous and not very fertile soils. It can withstand water stagnation.

The leaves are lanceolate and serrated and give off a pleasant lemon aroma when touched. The flowers appear in late spring, while the fruits ripen in late summer. They present themselves as large berries (grandeplus less than a grape) of ruby ??red color, gathered in large clusters;

The berries have a truly unique flavor, which includes the five flavors: salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter; they are used in various ways including the production of wine, jams, juices, extracts, as a spice for meat and fish seasonings, or consumed fresh and dried. The benefits that can be drawn from this Schisandra Chinensis Extract are many, in fact, anti-stress effects are attributed to them both physical and mental, reconstituting, energizing, and antioxidant, invigorating and aphrodisiac.

What in the moments of stress improves the calm or as an invigorating and increase the mental and physical energy. It is also effective against chronic fatigue. Improves mental clarity and enhances the body's ability to adapt to various conditions.

    ·         Like Ginseng, which is also adaptogenic, although the main difference is that it is much better assimilated especially in some women, where Ginseng may be nervous or not at all well.
    ·         It is also highly detoxifying, at the liver level, has two main active components, Schizandrina and Gomisina, which acts as a liver protector, against toxic or even alcohol.
    ·         It helps maintain adequate levels of glutathione, one of the cell's main antioxidant defense.
    ·         Schisandra Chinensis Extract improves the body quantity of glutathione reductase, which helps detoxification and improves mental clarity.

Some experts give it properties to improve blood sugar levels.
According to researchers in South Korea, the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive system is thanks to the enzymes alpha-glucosidases, the soluble Schisandra Chinensis Extract inhibits these enzymes by what helps to lower the blood sugar level after of the food.
According to several studies conducted with Schizandra chinensis, active components, such as schisandrins, outweighed the effects of amphetamines on cognitive tasks (including focus) and increased the ability of muscles to perform work by 220%. For athletes, other interesting effects coming from this berry and mentioned in studies are:
    ·         Reduction of fatigue and lack of air.
    ·         Reduces muscle pain
    ·         Maintains low cortisol level during training. A high concentration of cortisol can stop the growth of the muscles.
    ·         They increase the concentration of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which increases the feeling of pleasure and well-being.
    ·         Improves the performance of long-distance runners and athletes who are fans of bodybuilding
    ·         As if this were not enough, there is more evidence of its effectiveness; for example, it has been shown to improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, improving muscle strength in athletes.
    ·         It has also been shown to improve the performance of repetitions in endurance tests, reducing fatigue, muscle aches and shortness of breath.
Due to this unique combination, we are able to offer very powerful products, in which we take advantage of the benefits of both natural active ingredients. On the one hand, omega-3 oil increases the bioavailability of schisandrins. This means that more schisandrins enter our body and therefore we can take advantage of its beneficial effects with a lower daily dose. On the other hand, both schisandrins and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) have very similar effects that result in very important synergies. 
Schisandra chinensis extract