Alpha Lipoic Acid

English Name:DL-Thioctic acid
Other Name:DL-alpha-Lipoic acid; DL-6,8-Dithiooctanoic acid; 5-(Dithiolan-3-yl)valeric acid
Molecular Formula:C8H14O2S2
Molecular Weight:206.32
Appearance: yellow crystal powder, no foreign substance, no obvious odor
Melting Point: 60.0~62.0℃
Specific Optical Rotation: -1.0°~+1.0°
Loss on Dry: ≤0.2%
Residue on Ignition: ≤0.1%
Heavy Metal : ≤10ppm
Assay Determination: 99.0%~101.0% (dries basis)
Related Substance:the single impurity≤0.1%, total impurities≤2.0%
Package and Storage Condition: 25kg/drum, store and seal away from light
Application is mainly utilized for diabetic neuropathy complication medicine and dietary supplement.
Alpha Lipoic Acid

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