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Multi-nutrient bilberry extracts with health benefits

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There is a saying that “Health is Wealth”. Being healthy is a boon, and at the same time maintaining the health is a big task. Nowadays people are facing many health issues due to the stressful life they lead. Challenges come from every part of life. It can be Family, job, relationships and many other factors. Any challenge can lead to the health problem. People try lots of home remedies and other ways to stay fit and healthy. One among those home remedies are bilberry extract. A bilberry is nothing but a fruit that has got a smooth texture similar to that of a blueberry. Its fruit pulp is purple or red.
Below are some of the health benefits of bilberry extracts.
1.Helps in improving the vision/eyesight: Eyesight problems are the very common problems which can be found from infants to the adults. Bilberry extracts helps in the maintenance of the good vision/eyesight. The scientific research has also stated it clearly that, it helps in preventing and controlling the eye problems seen in elderly people. It is also helpful in preventing the other eye problems like night-blindness, cataract and, retinal disorders. One of the major colour filters present in the eye, which when gets merged with the extracts of the bilberry can improve the vision. It also helps the retina to adjust to the changes in the light.

2. Best for the skin:The extract of the bilberry tightens the component called collagen which is present in the skin. It forms a protective shield against the bacterial growth in the skin. It is also used to control the bleeding after the surgery.

3. Controls Menstrual cramps:The research conducted on the women have shown that the extract of the bilberry can control the menstrual cramps. It even cures peptic ulcers.

4. Best Medicine for Diabetes:From the olden days it is a known medicine for curing diabetes. even the latest research has proved that that, bilberry extracts can cure diabetes by regulating the sugar level in the blood. It is due to the rich availability of  anthocyanins in bilberry.

5. Prevents Cancer:Cancer is the most terrific disease one can have. It is worse when one undergoes chemotherapy. It has got many side effects such as heat boils, losing of hair and dehydration. But our mother nature has brought a cure for it. The scientific research has shown that it prevents and can cure many kinds of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and certain kinds of tumors. The contents present in the bilberry extract can prevent such cells growing and it can stop the spreading of it too. It also overcomes the problems caused due to the chemotherapy.

6. Helps in controlling Chronic Venous Insufficiency:Venous Insufficiency: When the nerves in the legs that carries blood to the heart stops functioning properly it causes Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Its major effects are swollen legs and immense pain in the leg. The component called anthocyanosides present in the bilberry extract overcomes these symptoms and eases the pain and the swelling.

7. Regulates proper blood circulation:When the blood circulation is not proper in our body, it leads to various major health issues like blood pressure which is high and low, allergies, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and many other vascular health issues. The bilberry extract loosens the aggressive platelets in the blood and smoothens it, which leads to the proper circulation of the blood.

8. Maintains a Healthy Kidney:After cancer, kidney failures are the next threat to the humans. By the time one identifies its symptoms, their health gets affected to a certain extent .To overcome this issue people spend a lot of money and undergo many treatments which takes away their lives when not treated in the correct time. In order to have a healthy kidney, bilberry extract is one of the best medicines, which one can have. It helps in excreting the metals and normalizes the other compounds such as urea. nitric oxide, serum, nitrogen and blood.

9. Other uses of bilberry:Its leaves when mixed with hot water can be had a tea, It helps in the preparation of the jams, juices and filling for pies.

Although there are many benefits of bilberry extracts there are also few side effects of it like, usage of it can lead to allergies in some at times, usage during pregnancy can lead to health problems.

There are any kinds of berries, of which bilberry is considered to be the best with medicinal properties. Including it in the diet can keep you healthy and fit. bilberry extracts