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What are the health benefits of Garlic Extract?

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What are the health benefits of Garlic Extract?
Garlic is a very essential and works like a protection food. It's a herb that gives all round protection. A Huge amount of antioxidant sulfur compounds is in this herb.  This herb is closely related to the onion, chives, and leeks. Fresh garlic can be little harsh for many. It can cause indigestion, and the odor can create discomfort. Many scientific studies reveal that garlic extract has many highly important health-related benefits can be derived from this.

Extract of garlicis odorless has a higher amount of antioxidant which cleanses toxins. Antioxidants are also beneficial for boosting immunity and give protection against cancer, aging, cardiovascular diseases and drug toxicity.

Why should one consume garlic extract?
AGE (Aged Garlic Extract) is odorless and comes with huge amount of health benefits like higher immunity, protection against cardiovascular disease, cancer, premature aging and also work for maintaining a healthy balance in life.

How Garlic extract can be derived
Garlic extract can be produced by extracting aged and fresh garlic at room temperature for about 20 months. By storing the extracted liquid, the antioxidant level can be increased. By extraction process also stimulate some chain reaction and produce some advanced antioxidants that don't become available without the extraction process. By extracting aged garlic higher level of antioxidant can be derived.

Health Benefits of AGE
The first most important health benefit of Garlic extract is antioxidant effects. Reactive oxygen species are toxic by-products of human metabolism. This ROS includes free radicals which cause numerous health problems in human including weak immunity and premature aging. This ROS increases during any inflammation, exposure to environmental pollutants, sunlight, and radiation. ROS can bring multiple harms to human DNA structure and can create an extreme mutation in DNA which led to a different kind of cancer. ROS also cause premature aging and different intercellular inflammation and skin diseases.

Some benefits of AGE in details
AGE is combined with strong antioxidant which can prevent forming ROS and cleanses the body from metabolism toxins. The antioxidant activity increases the body's activity of making glutathione which provides ultimate protection against ROS damage. 

Cardiovascular Protection
The risk of cardiovascular disease and dementia are very general among older people now with faulty lifestyle younger people are also being affected by these threats. The chances of these diseases upsurges with high levels bad cholesterol and triglycerides with these higher level of high blood pressure and platelet stickiness can also be increased AGE reduces all of these and reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases.

Immune booster
AGE work as an immune booster and also has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This extract boost up the immunity of the human body and the fresh garlic enhances the cell regeneration process which helps to heal inflammation quickly. 

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are other improved properties of AGE.  AGE has a high level of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property more than fresh garlic. AGE t is strongly antiviral and also works as excellent anti-fungal, so it prevents the growth of Candida albicans. These fungi cause infection and inflammations in HIV+ patients and patients those who are carrying sexually transmitted conditions. It also works to prevent Helicobacter pylori the bacteria which causes digestive tract infection and stomach ulcer and can even cause stomach cancer.

Prevent Drug related toxicity
Extract prevent drug-related toxicity. Different drugs result in different kind of and different level of toxicity. Different toxic material and by-products are produced during any drug intake. Different drugs start a different kind of chain reaction to fight diseases, and different by-products are formed during the process. Like pain, killer acetaminophen produces a huge amount of ROS which creates a lot of health related issues in the human body, and only AGE can prevent the adverse effect of this ROS. Removing ROS or cleansing the body from ROS is an effective measure towards healthy living and aged AGE helps in doing that.

Aged Garlic also helps in cancer treatment by protecting the body from ROS producing cancer-related drugs. It also protects the liver from getting damaged by cleaning the excess ROS from the body. AGE provides an overall protection to the body from multiple disorders. So, they are very important.
What are the health benefits of Garlic Extract