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Natural plant extract chinese herb complete overview of Eucommia Leaves Extract

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Eucommia leaves extract are derived from a tall, deciduous tree comprised of one family and one species prompt to the Sichuan region of china E. Ulmoides is very rare. The bark of the tree is covered in China for centuries for a variety of medical purposes. Eucommia leaves extract also promises its best use in providing the finest nutritional supplement. It is also known as the finest option to choose to get relieved from the low back pain and fatigue in the legs, to improve liver and renal functions, and to relieve hypertension.

Its bark is popularly being used in Japan for the usage in different medical purposes while it has been compounded as the best Chinese herbal medicine to cure elbow-joint disorders and hypertension.

Positive effects of Eucommia leaves extract-
1. Protects cardiovascular systems- when we talk about Chinese traditional medicines, then Eucommia ranks on the top in delivering the finest results. It is known as one of the best herbal tonics for cardiac patients. Eucommia leaves extract is used as a component for antihypertensive formulations. Eucommia leaves extract is used to minimize the blood pressure of a human body at the dose of 500-1000mg/kg. However, if a person follows the high fructose-fed diet, can easily develop insulin resistance and hypertension. Adding Eucommia leaves extract in our diet for 8 weeks can help in the reduction of blood pressure delivering a healthy body. Eucommia leaves extract also involves the antihyperlipidemic properties at the dose of 0.175g/100g for 10 weeks regularly can result in the reduction of the concentrations of triglycerides, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, etc.

2. Antioxidant effects- Eucommia leaves extract contains compounds that are known as antioxidants and can help in reducing the level of free radicals. This factor also helps in improving the disease condition that may cause be high oxidative stress. The extract from Eucommia leaves extract can assure to help in the reduction level of hydrogen peroxide which leads to a healthy fit body.

Possible side effects of Eucommia leave extract
Well, Eucommia has been popularly used in traditional Chinese medicine for years, with the assurance of limited side effects response occurrence. While, a therapeutic trial of Eucommia leaves extract observe the possible side effects that may include moderately severe headache, dizziness, edema, and the little addition of a cold.
While there are no other such side effects that the Eucommia leaves extract may deliver. But, the fact can’t be denied that according to the research it is suggested that the people who are taking different medications to treat the diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, anticoagulant, antiplatelet or thrombolytic medications should avoid Eucommia leaves extract unless under doctor supervision.

Dosage or preparation-
For centuries, people are in taking Eucommia leaves to extract with the aim of a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements containing Eucommia leaves extract are popularly sold in some natural food stores and to the stores that are selling different herbal products or it can also be easily found online as Eucommia.

Eucommia is primarily sold in capsules or as an extract as herbal tea preparation or as a dried herb. A person can easily opt for their favorite option that suits their requirements and wishes the most. While, dietary supplements may include the extracts from the leaf, stem, bark, or the flower of the other plant. 

Where the supplements can easily be stored at room temperature while it is also suggested to keep them away from the light. While it is believed that the corner of your kitchen’s cabinet act as the perfect place for it.

Now, the major question that arises is, how does the Eucommia tea taste like? Undoubtedly, in today’s time, no person wants to spend their well-earned money on any other product which they may not utilize later. Thus, this is the reason people mostly get confused while buying Eucommia tea, due to the doubt that how would it taste?

Well, Eucommia tea is made from the combination of leaves and the bark of the Eucommia tree, in the process of providing you with the maximum benefits. When steeped in hot water, the taste is moderate i.e. it can taste slightly bitter and with the little combination of slightly sweet taste.

Eucommia Leaves Extract