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A brief introduction of Pearl Powder

Pearl powder is a precious Chinese medicinal material formed from pearl shells by absorbing the essence of water to be mixed with the nacre secreted by them all their life time through the process of polymerization. Pearl powder possesses a very complex composition; by modern scientific analysis, it shows that pearl powder contains various trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc etc; besides, there are still 18 kinds of amino acids, among them 7 compose the required amino acids (or those that cannot be synthesized in and must be taken in from outside of human bodies) several kinds of protein and short peptides, growth-promoting factors as well as active factors that cannot be studied by using current scientific techniques.
Since the ancient times, pearls have been regarded and used as a precious Chinese traditional medicinal material whose functional effects had been all clearly recorded down in 19 kinds of classical pharmaceutical books including , in which, in the 64th volume it was written in record as the following: Pearl tastes salty, cold and non-poisonous. It calms the heart and makes the eyes clear, when smeared the face, it will moisten and beautify complexion; when being smeared to the hands and feet, it will remove the scales and exfoliations of the skin and chloasma and pigmented patches; expel the phlegm and stop diarrhea. I can also cure convulsions of children due to high fever and tranquillize the soul, stop seminal emission and urethral discharge of men as well as cure pox and expel toxins.For thousands of years, experience of people proved the wonderful effects of pearl powder. Among the secrete skin beautifying prescriptions prevailing in the imperial courts it is rare not to use the pearl powder.

Current studies started at the angles of the composition; mechanisms of action and pharmacological effects of pearl and explanations had been given to a deeper level concerning aspects of nutrition and pharmacology so as
to provide scientific proofs to describe the functions of pearl in traditional medicine. Relevant researches revealed that after the effective principles are absorbed by human body, it will join metabolic activities of human bodies in order to achieve regulating and maintaining integrity of the whole human body. It can promote synthesis of the new regenerating cells and incessantly supplement nutritious to the superficial layers of the skin and make it smooth, tender and elastic; after the pearl powder is smeared onto the face, it will promote activating vitalities of the super-oxidizing substance, SOD to inhibit formation of melanin to keep the skin white; besides, because SOD can also clear up free bases in the body, it could prevent the skin to be free from aging and wrinkling; pure natural pearl powder also possesses functions of claming the heart and nerves; deepen sleeping and expelling fatigue and tension.

Through taking part in metabolism of DNA of the cells, pearl powder can promote wound healing and shows a significant therapeutic effect to sore throat; peptic and duodenal ulcers and bleeding due to external injuries. Other researches also prove that pearl powder possesses again actions in anti-aging; promotion of immunity, anti-radiation as well as anti-tumor.

Our company produces ultra-fine pearl powder by adopting ultra-micro crashing technique with size of the powder reaching the micrometer grade so as to make them much more easily be absorbed than ordinary pearl powder. However, relatively speaking, because the granules are still large in size, Therefore the absorptive rate is still at the ordinary level, and then it can only be used in low-grade cosmetics and foodstuffs as an additive as well as to be applied for general use.
pearl powder