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Wonder Herb White Willow Bark Extract: Five Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know

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Wonder Herb White Willow Bark Extract: Five Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About
Willow Bark is often referred as nature’s aspirin and there are good reasons behind this coinage. The herbal alternative for many widely advertised allopathic medicines can cure many health elements. You might have heard that White Willow Bark Extract can cure back pain and arthritis. But there are many other less known benefits of the ‘wonder herb’ which we will discuss here.

Whenever we have a headache or some other part of our body aches, the first thing we do is check our medicine inventory at home or find aspirin in local drug stores. We often forget the fact that White Willow Bark Extract is a miracle drug which is easily available with leading pharmaceutical agencies for a couple of decades now. As a natural alternative, it has been in use for thousands of years, but Nature’s Aspirin has been rediscovered by pharmacists only recently. It is a predecessor of medical grade aspirin, and offers almost the same benefits.

1. Cures Acne
The extract can be found in good amount in cosmetic products and also beauty products meant for personal care. This is because the product has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-astringent as well as soothing attributes. It contains salicylic acid, which is a natural exfoliant commonly used in acne treatments as the acid helps in shedding dead cells while filling up the pores. A variety of phenolic acids, including but not limited to salicortin, salicin, and flavonoids, minerals, whch are verey effective in rejuvenating skin.

2. Reduces Headache
White Willow Bark also helps in reducing headache which stems from a state of mental strain or agitation. This is because White Willow Bark Extract contains chemical salicin which is similar to acetylsalicylic acid present in aspirin. An independent study conducted by Maryland Medical Center proved that the effects of the herbal extract may take some time to be realized. However, the study also concluded that the benefits don’t go away as fast as the effects of aspirin.

3. Reduces lower pain
The supplement also alleviates lower back pain, neck pain, and various types of muscle aches. Some scientists believe that the supplement is good for relieving lower back pain and lower pain. Since the supplement contains cyclooxygenase, which helps in forming prostaglandins – a special type of inflammatory mediator. When the formation of prostaglandins is stopped, the white willow bark starts working as an agent. Another study in 2001 proved that people with low back pain responded positively to the natural supplement. In the same study, a different group of people were offered placebo, but that group did not respond so well.

4. Alleviates Osteoarthritis and Arthritis Pain
Willow Bark is also known to be effective in alleviating pain caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis through reducing the swelling. Cyclooxygenase is one of the main ingredients of the extract and it reduced the stultifying pain to a great extent. It is believed that the natural extract may also restrain the development of arthritis. A scientific study conducted in 2004 discovered that people suffering from osteoarthritis benefitted heavily from the extract.

5. Prevents cardiac arrest
Well, this one is a lesser known fact than all of the four above. A low dose of the extract or aspirin can also prevent cardiac irregularities, such as sudden stroke. The natural extract is a great remedy for reducing the chances of internal clotting. Willow Bark and Aspirin are similarly effective in reducing chances of heart attacks.

White Willow Bark is offered in the form of tree bark bits for easy chewing, while powder form and liquid extract are also available. However, some researchers have indicated that too much consumption of White Willow Bark or medical grade aspirin can cause many problems such as gastric ulcer. However, if you continue to take the right dose, you can avail all of the above benefits.

However, while buying the medicine, you should be careful as there are many counterfeit pharmacists selling the extract these days. These pharmacists barely care about the state and federal regulations and they may represent something which is nowhere similar to the White Willow Bark Extract to rip you off. On top of that, you get diseases that you didn’t have.