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Google AdWords for Red Yeast Rice Powder

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The red yeast rice is developed by the fermented red yeast that is named as monascus purpureus. The RYR is widely used by the Chinese as the food colorant, food preservative, spice and ingredient in the rice wine. It is also used for medical purposes. These days most of the companies are offering the red yeast rice supplements and powder. So you can buy the red yeast rice powder from the leading manufacturer In China - Quality Herb. We offer the high-quality RYR powder to our customers. Our Red yeast rice powder helps you to improve the blood circulation level in your body.
Today Quality Herb would like to share some SEO ideas of Google AdWords for “red yeast rice powder” with you, please see the chart below:

Volume                            Competition         CPC          (USD)          Results
red yeast rice powder      580                      95             14.45            25,500,000

See from the chart, we can know that this keyword is not easy to for SEO. The reasons are the following:
1. the Avg. monthly searches are more than 500,
2. the Competition of the keyword is quite high,
3. the Suggested Bid is a little expensive, which is over $10,
4. the search results of the keyword is no more then 20,000,000. The more results, the more difficulties.
Thus, we estimated that the keyword “red yeast rice powder” SEO difficulty should be around 85%.
red yeast rice powder

Keyword   Volume  Competition  CPC (USD)   Results
red yeast rice powder  580    95     14.45     25,500,000