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How Is Chinese Date Extract Good For You?

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Zizyphus has a lot of other names associated with it, such as black jujube, Chinese Jujube, Chinese date extract, Zizyphus jujube, etc. It’s actually a shrub or a small tree which used to make medicine. Zizyphus can also be used as food. It’s primarily used for increasing body weight, boosting muscular strength, preventing liver as well as bladder diseases. It can also be used as a sedative. In addition to that, Zizyphus Jujube is availed for treating wounds, itching, purpura, ulcers, digestive problems, diarrhea, aside from circulatory problems like anemia, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The other benefits are lowering risks of fatigue, obesity, hysteria, insomnia, fever, cancer, seizures, asthma, and eye diseases. How is Zizyphus useful? Well, get to know more about the fruit.

Uses and Effectiveness
Research proves to an extent that consuming Zizyphus diminishes the symptoms of stomach pain, bloating, and other forms of constipation. Zizyphus can lower the levels of total cholesterol as well as low-density lipoprotein or LDL in teens who are suffering from high cholesterol. However, facts suggest that Zizyphus might not boost the levels of HDL or high-density lipoprotein. In vases of neonatal jaundice, consuming Zizyphus might not help in the reduction of bilirubin levels. Bilirubin is the chemical present in the blood that leads to yellowing of the skin. With that being said, Zizyphus might diminish the duration for which infants require to stay at the hospital. Products that contain lactium, magnesium, hops, Zizyphus, as well as Vitamin B6 might not boos the quality of sleep in grown-up and healthy adults. Aside from that, there is insufficient evidence for cases such as diabetes, anxiety, diarrhea, fatigue, dry skin, muscular conditions, liver disease, wounds, ulcer, and several others.

Side Effects of Zizyphus and Precautions
No such detailed information is available regarding whether Zizyphus is safe to consume in medical conditions. Pregnancy and breast-feeding are two most critical situations where people need to be extra cautious. Experts advise not to take a Chinese date extract to be just on the safe side. Zizyphus, as had been discussed above, might help in lowering the levels of blood sugar. People must watch out for signs of hypoglycemia and keep an account of your blood sugar levels if you are suffering from diabetes and consume Zizyphus in optimum quantities. Individuals who have allergy towards to latex might be allergic to Zizyphus as well. Zizyphus, in all probability, would interfere with controlling blood sugar prior to and post any surgery. Studies suggest that Zizyphus can slow down the working of the central nervous system. People might not know that anesthesia as well as other medications that are availed during surgery can also have an impact on the central nervous system. The combined effects of these medications and Zizyphus can prove to be harmful. If any individual has a surgery lined up within two weeks from now, they should refrain from taking Zizyphus.

The appropriate amount of Zizyphus you can consume depends on a number of factors such as the user’s health, age, and a host of other factors. At the present moment, substantial evidence is not available to conclude that what should be the exact amount of Zizyphus, one should take under any condition. People need to keep in mind that natural products might not always be safe for consumption and therefore, correct dosage is absolutely mandatory. It becomes necessary to abide by the instructions given on the product labels. Consulting a doctor or pharmacist is also advised. You may also have a detailed discussion on this with any qualified healthcare professional before you decide to consume Zizyphus.

Chinese date or Zizyphus jujuba have a lot of health benefits attached to it and are being consumed by millions from around the world for the last thousand years. With new findings, the fruit is slowly proving its worth as a vital food item as well as herbal medicine. Several studies are indicating that Zizyphus can be a potential candidate as far as health supplements are concerned. It is expected to possess the ability of treating and preventing neurological diseases. However, as has been advised, do study all the aspects in details before taking them as per your requirement.
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