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All You Need to Know About Dihydromyricetin

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Dihydromyricetin is a herbal ingredient that has gained immense popularity in the world of supplements due to its outstanding health benefits. It is extracted from Vine Tea Extract and also from the bark of the Holvenia Duclis tree. 

Recently, several studies were done which tell that Dihydromyricetin increases the ability of your liver to break down alcohol as well as support the function of the liver. 

In Chinese Culture, DHM has a long history as a medication. It is effective in treating a wide range of illnesses including parasitic infections as well as fever.

Not only this, but Dihydromyricetin is also often used as a laxative. 

However, DHM is widely demanded across the world to effectively treat headaches and hangovers. In this article, you will come across the benefits and uses of DHM. 

Dihydromyricetin also works efficiently in the body to support your liver to break down the toxic chemical quickly called acetaldehyde. During the consumption of alcohol, your body breaks it down into smaller chemicals until and unless all the byproducts are removed. 

One of these chemicals is acetaldehyde that is 20 times more toxic when compared to alcohol. You need to know that presence of high levels of acetaldehyde in your system can lead to several uncomfortable symptoms and bigger hangover symptoms on the next day. 

Intake of DHM supplement will not only break down acetaldehyde quickly but also help your liver to function normally quickly. 


Dihydromyricetin is well-known for offering effective results in treating the symptoms of a hangover. After the intake of alcohol, experience a hangover, and headache.

But if you consume this herbal supplement after taking alcohol, you will automatically experience less headache, vomiting, nausea as well as anxiety. 

However, these are some common symptoms that you come across after taking liquor or alcohol. 

Alcohol withdrawal 

Several studies are conducted and it is revealed that dihydromyricetin has the potential for limiting the desire for alcohol. This further highlights the capabilities of DHM supplements for lessening the withdrawal symptoms linked with those planning to quit drinking along with the right treatment of the doctor. 

Improves the function of the liver

Dihydromyricetin is widely demanded because it improves the function of your liver after the consumption of alcohol. This further helps the liver process alcohol rapidly and efficiently by removing it from your system. 

Decrease impact on your brain 

Most of the effects of alcohol are caused due to the acting on the GABA receptors present in your brain. This further leads to some of the common effects of alcohol consumption such as unclear speech and lowered inhibitions.

But the intake of Dihydromyricetin decreases the impact of alcohol on your brain’s Gaba receptors. This herbal supplement makes you act and feel less drunk when compared to current blood alcohol content warrants. 

When you should take DHM before or after drinking alcohol?

The intake of dihydromyricetin completely depends upon what you are trying to attain. According to the researchers, it is said that consumption of DHM before drinking alcohol decrease the circulatory levels of alcohol in your blood by almost 55%. 

However, for most people, it is suggested to take this herbal supplement right after drinking alcohol because in this way it will decrease the hangover symptoms which is experienced on the next day. 

You also need to know that DHM after the consumption of alcohol also stops the Gaba rebound effect that wakes you up in the night or might make you suffer from anxiety the next day. 

Though, the intake of DHM right after consuming alcohol diminishes all the negative effects of alcohol. 

Does dihydromyricetin work?

There are a few people who think about whether this herbal supplement will work for them or not. If you are also one of them then you need to know that dihydromyricetin works. 

It helps in decreasing intoxication as well as the effects of hangovers that further support your liver. There are also several scientific proofs that state DHM works effectively. 

Therefore, dihydromyricetin is completely safe for consumption because it is been used across the world for several reasons like to sober up people as well as cure hangovers effectively.