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The Aloe Vera Extracts and Its composition-Aloe Vera Gel Spray Dried Powder

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Aloe vera extract is a colorless transparent to brown slightly sticky liquid that dries to yellow fine powder. No smell or slightly specific smell. Usually used to make the mask, loved by the majority of women. Have a strong replenishment performance. Aloe anthraquinone compounds have the skin convergence, softening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, bleaching performance. But also to prevent the hardening, keratinization, improve the role of scars, not only to prevent small wrinkles, bags under the eyes, skin relaxation, but also to keep the skin moist, delicate, but also can treat skin inflammation, acne, freckles, acne and scald Injury, insect bite, etc. also have a good effect. The hair is also effective, can keep the hair moist and smooth, to prevent hair loss.

The main ingredient

The main active ingredient is Aloin or Barbaloin, and contains a small amount of anthraquinone such as Isobarbaloin, β-Barbaloin and Aloe emodin. Fresh aloe extract containing minerals, including silicon, aluminum, iron, zinc and other 18 kinds of mineral elements, aspartic acid, L-tryptophan and other amino acids, malic acid, citric acid and other organic acids, sodium, potassium , Calcium, magnesium and other inorganic elements, vitamins, sugars, anthraquinone derivatives, alkaloids, tannins and containing volatile oil.

1. Anti-gastric ulcer effect Aloe extract in the molecular weight of 5000 ~ 50000 within the composition contains the ability to inhibit pyloric ligation caused by ulcer formation and acetic acid-induced rat ulcers effective ingredients. Further study found that molecular weight greater than 5000 components of pyloric ligation and acetic acid-induced gastric ulcer in rats with anti-ulcer effect, aloe polysaccharide on the binding of water stress ulcers, indomethacin and ethanol-induced ulcers have a significant inhibitory effect.

2. Liver function: Aloe vera injection, aloe total glycosides and glycosides of the class of experimental chemical liver injury in animals have a protective effect, 3 can fight against CCl4 and thioacetamide-induced liver injury and aminogalactose Amine caused by liver injury caused by SGPT increased, and CCl4-induced damage to liver cells have different degrees of protection.

3. Anti-cancer effect of anti-cancer effect: Aloe extract on mice S180, Ehrlich ascites cancer inhibition, in which the high molecular glycoprotein Aloin A in animal experiments have obvious anti-cancer effect, the mechanism is to improve the body's immune function, NK cells that protect T lymphocytes. Aloe vera extract and aloein A and Alomicin were anti-tumor effect, alcohol extract on Heps, ESC, S180 and B16 melanoma and other metastatic tumors are effective. Aloin was injected intraperitoneally 50 mg / kg once a day for 7 to 10 days with an inhibition rate of 42.9% for ESC and 52.3% for S180. The rate of inhibition of Heps was 45.0%.

4. Protect the skin: The aloe extract was injected intraperitoneally at 400 mg / kg for 5 min and irradiated with 30 kvp X-rays for 100 min. The skin protection rate was 100% for the head and 95% for the back skin. Aloe extract can also reduce the effect of croton oil on the skin of rabbits and increase the content of hydroxyproline in guinea pig skin collagen. Its protective effect and the removal of reactive oxygen species, inhibition of lipid peroxides, induced antioxidant protein, to prevent DNA and SOD damage.

5. The role of the immune system: Aloin can enhance the ability of mice to increase the infection of monilendagrophytes. On the reticuloendothelial system of phagocytic cells have a stimulating effect. Aloin A stimulates the DNA synthesis of hamster kidney cells and activates rat peritoneal macrophages to inhibit the production of PGE2. Intraperitoneal injection of alanin a rat peritoneal macrophages was more adherent and diffused than the drug-treated, and increased intracellular β-glucosidase activity

6. Antimicrobial effects: Aloe emodin on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Shigella flexneri have inhibitory effect on the clinical common anaerobic bacteria also have a strong inhibitory effect on the most common Bacteroides bacterium inhibition rate of 90 % ~ 100%. In vitro aloe Vera alcohol infusion (1: 3000) on human Mycobacterium tuberculosis have a certain inhibitory effect.

7. Anti-inflammatory analgesic effect: Aloe extract has obvious anti-inflammatory activity.

8. To promote wound healing 10% aqueous solution can promote the healing of artificial trauma in mice, artificial rabbit membrane combined with edema can shorten the number of healing date. The Aloe vera extract has a therapeutic effect on progressive skin ischemia caused by burns, frostbite, electrical injury, distal motor pulsation and arterial drug abuse, which can reverse the necrosis of the drug in the arteries.

9. Diarrhea effect: Aloe little to stomach, increase appetite; a large number of diarrhea caused by the role. Aloe in people, rats prone to diarrhea effect. Aloe extract contains anthraquinone derivatives, especially aloe vera, these anthraquinone glycosides in the bowel in the release of emodin and so on to play the role of stimulating diarrhea.
Other effects

A substance in aloe plants can enhance the immune system of AIDS patients and block the spread of human immunodeficiency virus without any side effects. Aloeferon in aloe vera can promote the growth of fibroblasts. Give mice 10 ~ 25mg / kg, can lift the toxicity of toxins and atropine. In addition, aloe vera also has other functions, such as to shorten the clotting time, promote gastric secretion, the adrenal cortex have some excitatory effect, can reduce the rat adrenal vitamin C content.
Aloe Vera Extract