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Goji Berry Extracts- Learn about various types of benefits before consuming

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Lycium barbarum, also called as Goji berries are known to be one of the most powerful natural element. You might already have heard a lot about Goji berries and their multiple benefits. But there are plenty of claims that suggest these statements to be false. While these elements have been used in traditional Chinese medicines, Goji berries extracts are also used to treat liver, kidney and eye ailments. They are also known as Wolfberries.

The main ingredient of Goji berry extract is Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, with anti-stress, hepato-protective enzyme, lipid-lowering, hypo-glycemic, improve hematopoietic function, promote growth, and improve the performance of the Chinese herbal medicine, enhance immune function, lower blood pressure, and speed up the uterine contraction frequency, increase its tension and other pharmacological effects.

Pharmacological effects:

1. Extends life by protecting the body from premature aging by the effect of its potent antioxidant action.
Trillions of body cells are constantly being attacked by free radicals. These damaging agents around us can accelerate aging by destroying vital body cells faster than they are replaced. Goji is known as the "Fruit of Longevity". The strength of antioxidants and their molecules of polysaccharides defend us against premature aging, neutralizing the damage that free radicals cause throughout the body.

2. Increases energy and strength, especially when fighting disease.
Classified as one of Asia's finest adaptogens, Goji berry extract increases tolerance to exercise and endurance. Helps eliminate fatigue, especially during the convalescence of a disease.

3. It makes us feel and find ourselves younger.
Goji berry extracts can stimulate the pituitary release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), the hormone of youth. The benefits of HGH are numerous and include, reduced body fat, a more restful sleep, improved memory, faster healing, improved libido and a more youthful appearance.

4. Maintains a healthy blood pressure.
Almost one in four adults in the United States has hypertension (high blood pressure). Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to cardiovascular disease or renal failure. Hypertension is rarely detected at times and that is why it is called "silent killer."

5. Reduce your risk of cancer.
The Goji plant is one of the few on Earth that contains the anti-cancer mineral Germanium. Its unique antioxidants and polysaccharides can stop genetic mutations that lead to cancer. Some scientists believe that Goji berry extracts may be a particularly good supplement to prevent liver cancer because it boosts liver protection and carcinogenic effects at the same time. This is important because the liver is the body's most important detoxifying organ.

6. Reduce cholesterol.
Goji berry extract contains beta-sitosterol, which has been proven effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Its antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of arterial plaques. Goji flavonoids help keep arteries open and working smoothly.

7. Helps normalize sugar levels in the onset of diabetes in adults.
Goji berry has been used in China for the treatment of initial diabetes in adults for many years, and it has been observed that its polysaccharides have shown ability to balance blood sugar and insulin response. It also contains betaine, which can prevent fatty liver and vascular damage that is sometimes seen in diabetics.

8. Improves sexual response and treats dysfunction.
The Goji berry extracts is revered as one of the first herbal sexual tonics in all Asian medicine, and is legendary for helping to "ignite passions." In fact, there is an old Chinese proverb that warns men traveling away from their wives and families: "He who travels 1,000 kilometers from his home should not eat Goji." Recent scientific studies have shown Goji increases testosterone in the blood, thereby increasing libido in both men and women.

9. It helps you to lose weight.
In an Asian study on obesity, patients were given Goji in the morning and in the afternoon. The results were excellent, with most patients losing weight. In another study, Goji polysaccharides were effective in reducing weight by improving the conversion of food into energy rather than fat.

10. Relieves headaches and dizziness.
In traditional Chinese medicine, migraines and dizziness were often associated with deficiencies in the kidney yin (vital energy) and yang (function). Goji is one of the most frequently used plants to restore yin / yang balance.

11. Relieves insomnia and improves sleep quality.
Goji has been used for a long time in Asia in the natural treatment of insomnia. In several medical studies with older people, almost all patients showed better quality of sleep.

12. Improves eye health and vision.
Since ancient times, the Goji berries are well known in China for their properties to improve vision. Current studies of Chinese scientists have found that Goji is able to reduce the time it takes for the vision to adapt to the dark. It also improves vision under low light conditions.

13. Strengthens your heart.
Goji contains cyperone, a sesquiterpene that is beneficial for the heart and blood pressure. Anthocyanins help maintain the strength and integrity of the coronary arteries.
Goji Berry Extracts