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Chinese Wolfberry Extract: The list of benefits to be had

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Among the numerous ‘deciduous woody perennial’ plants, Wolfberry (or Goji berry in popular terms) is a very popular Chinese herb that has been into existence for more than 2000 years and still used by many as health tonics that ensure longevity. Although most medical papers wouldn’t highlight the same, but those who are aware of it know that this Chinese wolfberry extract can be had in its simple form or mixed in certain foods to bring out the best flavor.

The plant is ideally about 3 meters in length. The leaves are lanceolate or alternate and occur in bundles of about 7 cm in length and 3.5 cm in width. If seen carefully, wolfberry flowers bloom between June to September and in groups. The calyx has bell-shaped sepals in triangular lobes, while the corolla is almost 10 cm wide in light purplish or lavender shade. Once the flowers have bloomed, there are berry fruits in bright red or orange and each has no less than 20 to 30 seeds.

Prior to the intake of Chinese wolfberry extract, ensure that you talk to your doctor or medical practitioner about the potential side effects of it, in addition to understanding if consuming it would be safe and in what dosage. This is largely because these berries can interact with medications when taken. However, for those who can, the following are some of the benefits that the extract can offer:

Boosted immune system and protection from flu
This is something that’s interlinked. Vitamins present in Chinese wolfberry extract increases and supports immunity besides rendering optimum protection from flu.

Certain tests conducted earlier in labs have shown how effective the berries were when injected in vaccinations meant for flu administered to mice. So it can be inferred how older adults can be cured quickly using this.

Promotes weight loss
The best thing to do with these berries is make small servings and incorporate them in food. The Chinese wolfberry extract is high in fiber content and rich in other nutrient; all of which promotes health. In order to prevent overindulgence, it’s better to consume it like a snack.

Basically, the nutritional content is high in these berries and works well as a low-calorie and sugar content option so expect to benefit in more ways than one when you have an ounce serving, which offers 23 calories only.

Controlling cholesterol
A prime reason for heart diseases or cardiovascular issues is cholesterol. The latter is known to form certain plaque-like structures inside arteries and blood vessels that cause a barrier to the blood flow, which makes the heart pump with greater force. As a result, the heart becomes weak and that is often followed by an attack. While HDL or high density cholesterol is good, LDL or low density cholesterol is bad. But thanks to this wonderful Chinese wolfberry extract that reduces extremely high cholesterol or what we say, LDL levels.

Another common problem is free radicals that also cause sufficient harm to the heart. This is however, a matter of time, but it’s advisable to take suitable precautionary measures. Goji berries are replete with anti-oxidant chemicals so the protection is guaranteed when consumed.

Maintenance of sugar level
Diabetics can heave a sigh of relief with Chinese wolfberry extract. Not only does it reduce blood sugar levels, but also improve sugar tolerance and insulin resistance. Besides, the cells are recovered that help in the production of insulin too. But as said, consulting the doctor is of prime importance before including it in the diet as the dosage recommended might vary.

Higher levels of testosterone
Most people are unaware of this but Chinese wolfberry extract is known to be tied to sexual fertility and power. A study conducted in rats showed that these berries can boost up sperm count and its movement, improve sexual power and promote ejection and ejaculation response. In fact, some patients suffering from erectile dysfunction are often given this as alternatives to prescription drugs.

Besides these , there are other benefits like better energy, athletic power, sleep quality, focusing power, calmness and overall well being that can be had when consuming Chinese wolfberry extract. Issues of stress, fatigue and lethargy are noticeably low after taking this.
Chinese Wolfberry Extract: The list of benefits to be had