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Vital Information About Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum

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The most obvious question any reader of this article wants to be answered is, what is Transparent/Dairy xanthan Gum. Dairy xanthan Gum is a popular extracellular polysaccharide manufactured by fermentation process. Fermentation is made possible by the solubility of xanthan gum in cold water and its low viscosity at low concentration. The food additive is manufactured using grains like wheat, corn, or soy. Common examples of products manufactured using xanthan gum are puddings, beverages, ice cream, relish, and mustard.

Brief Xanthan Gum’s History
The polysaccharide was discovered thanks to Allene Rosalind and the teammates’ diligent research. The researchers were based at a US-based Agricultural department. However, it took more studies and research before the substance was finally accepted as a suitable food additive in 1968. The substance was sold for use under the tradename Kelzan and got approved for the manufacture of food additives as well as other numerous uses.

Since then, Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum has become a common raw material in different categories of industries today.

Does Dairy Xanthan Gum have any benefit to human beings
Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum is used to manufacture food additives and baking products.
The polysaccharide is used to manufacture toothpaste and also applied in the industrial manufacture of cosmetic products. This is because of its ability to glue components together and loosen up when shaken.

Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum is useful in normalizing the cholesterol levels in the body. Based on a study conducted back in 1987, xanthan gum was responsible for a 10 percent cholesterol decrease to men who consumed it. The reduction was noticed after three consecutive weeks.

Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum is highly useful in the oil industry. The polysaccharide is naturally a thickener. Water is added to it to boost its level of viscosity for use as a lubricant.

Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum reduces blood sugar in the body. The product helps patients suffering from diabetes to manage it through reduction of sugar levels in the blood. A study conducted revealed a quick sugar level reduction after consumption of beverages rich in the xanthan gum extract. The polysaccharide immensely reduces the absorption of sugar from the food hence taming diabetes.

The polysaccharide, together with guar gum is helpful in the creation of ice creams and beverages.
Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum is among the best substitutes for wheat and other cereals that are employed in the baking of gluten-free bread. 

The polysaccharide helps to cure mouth dryness as a saliva substitute. Most toothpaste manufacturers add the component to it to trigger saliva production by the relevant glands.

Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum helps in bulk-forming to cure constipation. Xanthan gum aids in thickening of food to form an even texture. The gum adds fiber to food, thus aids in the treatment of constipation in both human beings and in animals. 

Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum can treat osteoarthritis. This refers to a painful joint condition which stems from aging joints or excessive gain weight.
Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum characteristics
Some of the major features of the polysaccharide are:
       1. Temperature changes have no effect on the polysaccharide.
       2. Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum holds food ingredients together.
       3. It is highly viscous.
       4. The polysaccharide is a strong emulsifying agent.
       5. Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum has hydrating property on the skin.

Does Transparent/Dairy Xanthan Gum have any side Effects
Transparent/Dairy xanthan Gum is known to trigger some a few side effects to the consumer such as:
Transparent/Dairy xanthan gum causes some allergies to some consumers. Just like other food proteins which may trigger some immune reaction, so does the polysaccharide. Even healthy consumers experience some mild food allergies after ingesting it.

Transparent/Dairy Xanthan gum should be ingested in small quantities by pregnant women. This is because the polysaccharide leads to necrotizing enterocolitis, a digestive problem in premature infants.

The polysaccharide significantly reduces the blood sugar levels depending on the quantity consumed. The risk is that it might have an adverse impact on the blood sugar control during or even after surgery. For this reason, patients are strongly advised to avoid the polysaccharide at least two weeks before the actual surgery day.

Exposure to Transparent/Dairy xanthan Gum dust is heavily linked with respiratory problems.

When consumed in large quantities, the polysaccharide results in mild digestive system irritation. This is because consumption of the polysaccharide is directly proportional to digestive system stimulation.
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