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New Details About Neohesperidin DC

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Neohesperidin DC refers to a human-made sweetener obtained from citrus. The sweetener is manufactured from an extract obtained from bitter oranges known as Neohesperidin. The product is obtained through hydrogenation of Neohesperidin. The sweetener contains no glycemic index in it.

Benefits and Uses of Neohesperidin DC
Neohesperidin DC is a highly effective food additive today. The sweetener has been approved in Europe by the body in charge of regulating products. This product has a unique, pleasant taste which immensely endears customers internationally.

The sweetener is efficient in synergizing a human being's body. The product has a notable synergistic effect when combined with other sweeteners manufactured today.

Neohesperiden DC is also useful in the pharmaceutical industries. The extract is helpful to minimize bitterness of medical drugs. Most drugs, especially those intended for babies and livestock, requires a sweet taste to entice them.

The sweetener is used in most confectionery industries. This ingredient is useful to manufacture high-quality sweets and chocolates for customers. The main advantage of it is that it is natural and has no adverse effects on the body. Neohesperidin DC does not affect the sugar levels in the body. Therefore, consumption of the substance does not negatively affect people who have diabetes.

Neohesperidin DC is applied in the manufacture of non-alcoholic beverages to add a sweetening effect. It is also used in the manufacture of mouthwash and condiments.

The substance is useful in the manufacture of low-calorieproducts. These food products are beneficial to overweight people who wish to lose excess weight.

Chemical properties of Neohesperidin DC
       1. Neohesperidin DC has a molecular weight of 612 grams per mole.
       2. The sweetener has a hydrogen bond acceptor count of 15 and a hydrogen donor count of 9.
       3. The isotope atom count of Neohesperidin DC is zero.
       4. It equally has a heavy atom count of forty- three.
       5. Neohesperidin DC can be canonicalized
       6.  The sweetener has a complexity of 882.

Physical properties of Neohesperidin DC
      1. Neohesperidin DC is odorless.
      2. Its boiling point ranges between 152 to 154 degrees Celsius
      3. Neohesperidin DC does not dissolve in lipid solvents
      4. The substance is between 1000 to 1800 times sweeter like sucrose
      5. Neohesperidin DC is a crystalline substance.
      6. It is highly soluble in hot water and less soluble in cold water.
      7. Neohesperidin DC is insoluble in benzene.
      8. The ingredient has a melting point of between 156 to 168 Celsius
      9. Neohesperidin DC can be stored in the form of powder or solutions.
     10. Neohesperidin DC is white in appearance.

Side Effects of Neohesperidin DC
Neohesperidin DC is useful and harmless if consumed in moderate proportions. However, like any other product ingredients, overdosing has detrimental effects on the consumer. Excessive intake of the substance causes mild migraines and nausea on the consumer.

Also, when handling pure NHDC, workers are advised to use surgical masks to avoid skin irritation. The substance can also cause alarmingly reduced appetite, and thus, consumers must avoid overdosing. 

A consumer may experience mild stomach upset or diarrhea, depending on the amount of NHDC they consume. Overdosing may worsen the stomach upset, making it more adverse and prolonged.

Myths about Neohesperidin DC
Some people erroneously believe that the substance worsens diabetes condition and make healthy people more susceptible to diabetes.

Secondly, some people falsely think that Neohesperidin DC is an addictive substance. The truth is that the substance has no addictive effect on the human brain. Just because the substance is sweet, and human enjoy sweetness does not imply that the ingredient is addictive.

A section of people believes that the substance is harmful to the body. Technically, Neohesperidin DC has some mild effects on the body like any other medical drug. However, adverse effects are only experienced when consumers ingest it beyond the recommended dosage.

A few people think that the substance is carcinogenic. Important to note is that Neohesperidin DC is a natural substance derived from citrus fruits. Therefore, arguing that it is carcinogenic is not only incorrect but also scientifically unacceptable.

Unfortunately, some of these myths are peddled by people who bear no scientific prove nor conducted a study on natural sweeteners.

Neohesperidin DC’s Recommended Dosage
NHDC is highly recommended for people who have diabetes. However, owing to the adverse negative effects associated with overdosing, one must obey the recommended dosage. Avoidconsuming quantities beyond 750 mg daily.
Neohesperidin DC