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Zingiber officinale rocs, a perennial plant with pungent rhizome (collection of roots) belongs to zingiberaceae family probably native to South-Eastern Asia. It is used as an aromatic spice, flavoring agent, food and medicinal herb. It was used in China and India by the first century AD and it was well known in England by the eleventh century.

Ginger was first grown in the Caribbean and Latin America in the late 1500s and also found throughout Africa and Arabia long before. The US brings fresh ginger from Hawaii.
Ginger rhizome is aromatic in nature. It is best anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal product. Moreover, it has anti-cancer properties inhibits all disease causing agents by its herbal character.
Apart from its medicinal values, there are lot of by-products obtained from ginger rhizomes and used throughout this world.

Candies and Preserves:
Chinese extracts syrup from ginger root whereas Australians export super quality candied rhizomes as snacks.

Oil Extraction:
African ginger oil is obtained by steam distillation and oleoresins are obtained by extraction of solvent where all these are used as flavoring spices for food.

Apart from these, essential oils are also used in manufacturing of soft drinks used in food preparation.

Ginger Beer:
Ginger is well known for ginger beer making from the root extracts and it is an exported product.

Ginger snaps:
Ginger snaps or nuts are also made from ginger roots and circulate throughout the world.
Ginger paste:
Ginger paste is also available in India for food preparation.
Ginger has great medicinal value and it cures many diseases naturally.

Prominent Nutrients:
Ginger has a few of the most prominent nutrients include amino acids, potassium, fatty acids, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, selenium and zinc.

Major Vitamins:
 Moreover, ginger is rich in many vitamins like vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C.

Slows Cancer intensification:
The extracts from ginger called gingerol is used to inhibits the cancer cells and suppress its growth and acts as an anti-cancer agent.

Prevents Digestive Disorders:
Ginger greatly takes part in food digestion by stimulating pancreas and enzymes and cure digestive disorders.

Cures Intestinal Issues:
Ginger root extraction also cures intestinal problems by act as an anti-inflammatory substance.

Effective anti-nausea agent and prevent Morning sickness:
It is good for treat sea sickness, post-operation nausea, nausea for pregnant woman and chemotherapy related nausea.

Reduces Constipation and Diarrhoea:
It fights with bacterial infections or bacteria like E-coli or any other micro organisms by act on it and it also prevents diarrhoea and gastroenteritis problem in stomach.

Prevents heart disease and Enhance blood circulation:
Ginger fight against cardiac arrest, angina of the chest, thrombosis. It cures clotting and promotes blood circulation all over the body.

Cures Arthritis and Inflammation:
Ginger cures osteoarthritis and joints pain and act as a best anti-inflammatory substance.

Ginger lowers Blood Sugars:
Ginger root extract reduces and controls blood sugar level and act as an anti-diabetic substance.

Reduces Menstrual Pain:
Dysmenorrhoea refers to pain felt by a woman during menstrual cycle. Ginger reduces this pain effectively.

Reduce Cholesterol level:
High levels of LDL lipoproteins or bad cholesterol leads to high risk of heart attacks. Ginger extraction helps to reduce this cholesterol level.

Improves Brain function:
Ginger improves brain power especially for children during their growing stage and make them active at all time.

Cures Alzheimer disease:
Regular intake of ginger juice helps to cure Alzheimer disease quickly.

Reduce Muscle pain and soreness:
Because of its anti-inflammatory property, Ginger cures muscle pain and soreness.

Cures Cold and Flu:
Ginger is a good remedy for curing cold and flu since it acts an anti-viral too.

Reduces hair loss:
Ginger acts as an anti-viral and anti-fungal agent. It helps to treat hair loss and ginger juice helps to grow hair naturally without any dandruff attack on hair.

Treats Acne:
Not but not least, Ginger is highly effective for treating acne since it is an anti-inflammatory substance and reduces redness on acne.
Consequently, it is considered to be that “Ginger is a plant that is grown in Eden garden” Because of its excellent purposes.
Ginger extract