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The information that you need about Monk fruit extract

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All the information that you need about Monk fruit extract
There are so many of us who want to get rid of that excess baggage called weight. The first thing that we think of is cutting down on one of the biggest culprits in weight gain and that is sugar. This is one of the reasons that many of us are on the lookout for healthy artificial sweeteners. Now, this is where monk fruit comes into picture.

So what is Monk fruit extract?
Monk fruits are small fruits that are grown in South East Asia. They were first grown by monks and this is the reason that they are known as monk fruits. The extract of this fruit is prepared by removing the skin and the seed of the monk fruit. The juice of the fruit is collected and this is known as the extract of monk fruit. This extract is sweet but it is said that it does not have any calories. This is the reason that many people who want to cut down on the calorie intake prefer to take this extract.

How sweet is this extract?
Now you must be wondering if this extract is sweet like sugar. It is more than 100 times sweeter than sugar. This means that as compared to sugar you need very little quantity of this extract to get the sweet taste and at the same time you do not have to be worried about the calories.

Now what gives this extract its sweet taste?
You must be wondering about the reason for the sweet taste of this extract. The sweetness of the monk fruits is due to the compound mogrosides. This is a combination of mogroland glycosides.

Let us check out the different benefits of monk fruit extracts:
Since this extract is sweet in taste and does not have any calories naturally one can say that is may be helpful for those people who are trying to lose weight. Also, patients who want to cut down on sugar like people who are struggling to keep high blood glucose levels can use it but they must first consult their physician for the same. This extract is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and hence one may use it in the case of inflammations like a sore throat. That is one may add the extract to hot beverages for getting relief. It is also believed that this extract is good for the liver and may also be useful in doing away with fatigue. Besides Mogrosides this extract has a number of other compounds like vitamin C which can help in maintaining the level of histamines. The anti inflammatory properties of the extract are due to Cucurbitacins. The Polysaccharide fibers helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels.

Is this extract safe for consumption?
Whenever we think about taking any supplements or extracts the first thing that comes to our mind is the safety of the product. It must be noted that the extract of monk fruit is said to be safe by leading world health authorities like the US Food And Drug Administration, Health Canada etc. Lots of tests and research is carried out on this product and still, a lot of work is being done in order to determine more details about the product. In the year 2010, the US FDA has marked this product as GRAS that is Generally Recognised As Safe.

This is what you must do!
Overall it looks like this extract is safe for consumption. But if you are still in two minds or are suffering from any disease or medical condition due to which you might not be sure if you must take any supplement or extract then you must first consult your doctor and only then start taking the extract. Pregnant and lactating women must also check with their doctor before taking the extract.

How to get the extract?
Getting the extract of monk fruit is easy. There are some good and leading companies that are manufacturing the extract of monk fruit. You can buy this extract from their online stores.
Monk Fruit Extract