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Chlorophyllin is the derative of chlorophyll. The most commonly used derivative is the sodium copper chlorophyllin. This is a water-soluble salt. It is available in the form of supplements. It has some good uses and applications.

Is there a difference between chlorophyll and chlorophyllin?
Many times people tend to confuse chlorophyll with chlorophyllin. Let us check the difference between these two compounds. Chlorophyll is a green pigment that is present the plants. Whereas chlorophyllin is a semi-synthetic salt that is derived from chlorophyll. Chlorophyllin can be used orally and it also has topical applications. Two common compounds that are found in chlorophyllin that is available commercially are trisodium copper chlorin e6 and disodium copper chlorin e4.

A look at the physical properties of this salt:
The process of alkaline hydrolysis is carried out in order to get this salt from chlorophyll. It must be noted that Chlorophyll has a magnesium atom in the centre. During the alkaline hydrolysis process, the magnesium atom is replaced with sodium and copper. Commercially it is available in liquid or powder form. Overall it is a stable compound. But it may get affected in the case of too much light or heat.

A look at some of the applications of sodium copper chlorophyllin:
This is used as a colouring pigment in the food industry. It is also used as a green colour dye in some industries. These are food industry, cosmetic industry, detergent industry, dental industry etc. It is believed that it may be useful in the case of infections and inflammations. This salt has the capacity to remove odours and smells. It may also be used in the case of skin problems like eruptions on the skin etc. There are people who may use it as a dietary supplement.

This salt is considered as one of the ways which can help in reducing the odour in urine as well as faeces. It is also believed that it may help people who are suffering from faecal incontinence. As there are studies that indicate that this supplement may help in reducing inflammation as well as it can help in removing odours it may be present in certain topical applications which are used to reduce inflammations as well as odour from the injuries.

This is a natural deodorant and it can be helpful for people who are suffering from trimethylaminuria. A few studies indicate that this supplement is useful for the aged people. It may help in reducing issues like constipation and flatulence in the case of elderly people.

People who want to lose weight also make use of this supplement. However, more research is needed in this respect. It is also said that it may be useful in antiageing treatment. It may be used in the case of ageing that is caused by sunlight.

Availability of chlorophyllin supplements:
Oral preparations of this substance are available commercially. It is used as a additive in food, cosmetics and in drugs. Topical preparations that contain this substance are also available.

A look at the safety aspects of Sodium copper chlorophyllin:
It is said that natural chlorophyll does not have any toxic effects. Similarly, it is believed that chlorophyllin also may not have any toxic effects. When this supplement is taken orally it may result in green discolouration of the urine or faeces. It may also result in yellow to black discolouration of the tongue. When this is applied topically to wounds then there may be a burning sensation or at time one may also experience itching. There is not much evidence about the safety of chlorophyllin in the case of pregnant women and lactating mothers. Therefore it is better if pregnant women and lactating mothers do not take these supplements.

Details about usage and dosage of chlorophyllin:
One of the best things that you can do is consult your doctor for the same. The medical practitioner will take into consideration all the different aspects and will advice you accordingly. One also needs to be careful with the dosage of the supplement. It is better to check all these details with an expert. Only once you have all the correct details and information you must start using this supplement.
Sodium copper chlorophyllin