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An overview of Pueraria extract daidzein, daidzin, puerarin, Puerarin-7-xyloside

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Puerarin-7-xyloside is extracted from the dry roots of kudzu legumes as a tan powder extract, in addition to a large number of starch, the main active ingredient isoflavone derivatives (puerarin, daidzin, daidzein, Genistein), has the effect of increasing cerebral and coronary blood flow, reducing blood vessel resistance, contracting smooth muscle, lowering blood sugar and relieving fever. It is mainly used for the treatment of alcoholism, retinal arterial and venous obstruction, sudden deafness, Infarction, coronary heart disease, angina, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases.

Processing methods and chemical composition
The root contains a variety of flavonoids; the main active ingredient is daidzein, daidzin, puerarin, Puerarin-7-xyloside). Puerarin is a kudzu essence, different name Puerarin, molecular formula C21H20O9, a molecular weight of 416.37, and white needle-like crystals in methanol-acetic acid. Pueraria total isoflavones have enhanced coronary blood flow and diminish myocardial oxygen consumption, the role of daidzein similar to papaverine solution to the twins. Pueraria flavonoids purity of more than 97%, puerarin purity increased to more than 98%.

Function Indications
Antipyretic Jie Jin, Sheng Jin, Touzhen rash, Yang diarrhea. Headache for exogenous fever headache, thirst, Diabetes, measles, heat diarrhea, diarrhea; high blood pressure neck pain.

Effects on the cardiovascular system

(1) On cardiac function:
Pueraria total flavonoids and puerarin intravenous anesthesia dogs can make a significant slow heart rate, stroke volume output increased, decreased total peripheral resistance, aortic pressure, left ventricular End-diastolic pressure and left ventricular pressure rise rate (dp / dt) decreased slightly, decreased left ventricular work, myocardial oxygen consumption decreased. Atrioventricular junction conduction time, ventricular effective refractory period was significantly prolonged atrial refractory period was slightly extended.

The effects of Puerarin-7-xyloside on MAPD50 and MAPD90 in 50% and 90% of single-phase action potentials (MAP) of anesthetized cats were significantly prolonged, and the effective refractory period (ERP) was significantly prolonged. Pueraria daidzein and daidzein solid dispersions (SDD) 100mg / kg orally, SDD significantly lower blood pressure, heart rate slowed, and daidzein weak.

(2) Effects on Myocardial Metabolism:
Pueraria total flavonoids 30mg / kg or puerarin 20mg / kg intravenous injection can reduce myocardial oxygen utilization and myocardial oxygen consumption, but also reduce myocardial utilization of lactate and pyruvate. Ligation of canine anterior descending coronary artery, coronary sinus and coronary venous blood oxygen content was significantly reduced, normal and infarct zone oxygen utilization were significantly increased.

After intravenous injection of Pueraria total flavone (Ketone) 30mg/kg, the content of oxygen in coronary sinus and coronary vein increased significantly, and myocardial oxygen consumption decreased in both normal and infarction areas. In addition, the lactic acid content of arteries, coronary sinus and coronary venous blood after ligation is reduced. Experiments show that after injection of ketoprofen can increase the decreased content of lactic acid, reduced production of lactic acid, and improve myocardial oxygen metabolism, myocardial metabolism have a beneficial effect.

(3) Anti-myocardial ischemia effect:
Pueraria alcohol infusion, Pueraria flooding agent and Pueraria extract (E21 ~ 22) on pituitrin induced acute myocardial ischemia in rats were significantly protective effect. Pueraria total flavonoids can lift pituitrin caused acute myocardial ischemia of coronary vasospasm, increased coronary blood flow.

Antitumor effect
The Pueraria component S86019 inhibits the human acute promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cell line in a time and concentration-dependent manner, and makes the cells develop from the primordial promyelocyte stage to the mature progeny, late juvenile and mature Rod-shaped nucleus, segmented nucleated cells, indicating that S86019 is a potent inducer of HL-60 cell differentiation.

Puerarin-7-xyloside has a strong anti-oxidant effect, adding 0.1% in linoleic acid equivalent to 100 × 10-6 of δ-tocopherol. The antioxidant effect of puerarin in lard is stronger than that of α-tocopherol. Pueraria extract can significantly reduce the lipid peroxidation in aged mice and increase the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px). PG1 (GP) and pseudo-ginseng glycosides (MF), isolated and purified from Pueraria lobata, can capture the DPPH gene and inhibit the hemolysis of erythrocytes induced by oxidative damage.

Estrogen-like effects
Pueraria can increase the weight of immature mice uterus, indicating that there is estrogen-like effect, the active ingredient may be daidzein. To mice fed Pueraria preparations have contraceptive effects, may be associated with pueraria isoflavones estrogen-like effects. Pueraria total isoflavones can restore estrogen levels in ovariectomized rats.

Puerarin-7-xyloside can significantly increase the weight of ovaries and uterus in ovariectomized rats, improve uterine atrophy and ovariectomized rats can increase serum estradiol levels, reduce luteinizing hormone content, indicating that it has some estrogen activity. This effect does not depend on an increase in serum estradiol levels, suggesting that it may be a direct effect.
Pueraria extract