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Schisandra chinensis- A Complete Guide before cosumption

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Schisandra chinensis is a medicinal plant with benefits for the mind and energy of the body. It is an alternative to caffeine, stimulant and serves as a remedy against fatigue.

What is Schisandra?
It belongs to the family of Schisandraceae and is a berry with five flavors. It is named after wu-wei-zi in China and is also used in Russia and Korea. Its properties act in the face of stress and fatigue. It is good for the mood and to give more strength and vitality when you feel tired.

Benefits of Schisandra
It has several characteristics that make it in the form of extract or in capsules have schisandra benefits for: Schisandra benefits
     ·         Eliminate stress.
     ·         Reduce chronic and temporary fatigue.
     ·         Lack of sleep.
     ·         Restore the energy of mind and body.
     ·         Improve adaptation to life changes.
     ·         Sleep well.
     ·         Improve the tranquility.
     ·         Detoxify the body.
     ·         Stress

Perhaps this characteristic of its active principles is the most used. Schizandrins work against stress. It is able to provide a stimulus to the body to strengthen calmness and balance spiritual energy. For this purpose, you can take it in capsules or prepare a tea with a few concentrated drops.

Tiredness and fatigue
Being a stimulant of the organism, perhaps it is one of the best remedies against the fatigue. Together with Siberian or ginseng, it offers many possibilities to revitalize and balance the human body. Schisandra eliminates chronic fatigue produced by various mood and physical states. As much as this is produced by the psyche as by an overexertion.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to balance compensate periods of low strength. It gives balance to Jing, Qi, and Shen.

Similarities with Caffeine
Both are stimulants, that is, they increase the capacity of the organism. They activate the nervous system and clear the mind.

In this sense, the benefits of Schizandrins is a natural alternative to caffeine.

Very popular for being, in addition, adaptogenic. Its great advantage is that instead of exciting and preventing sleep, improves the ability to sleep. So you can use it to have more energy, be able to meet the daily challenges while providing properties to rest better.

Serves as detoxifying
Some medicinal herbs have the capacity to improve the expulsion of toxins that are generated with food and stress and, in this section, the properties of Schizandrins act as:
     ·         Hepatic detoxifier.
     ·         Cell antioxidant.
     ·         Mental clarity enhancer

Its active ingredients function as a liver protector. The active ingredients Gomisina and Schizandria intervene in the elimination of substances harmful to the organism. They facilitate the work of the liver and this purifies the harmful substances better.

Is it the same Schisandra Berry?
This nomenclature refers to the English translation, that is to say, it is the same. Schisandra Berry indicates that they are the berries of the original plant.

In practice, both the definition "Berry" and "chinensis" are the same. Eye, the words do not mean the same thing but when they refer to Schisandra yes they act the same. So if you see a product with these names in addition to reading their composition, which is what will give you the security of knowing what you are carrying, you will almost certainly be doing the act of buying schisandra.

Anyway, if you have any doubts, it is best to ask directly.

Do you have any side effects?
As long as you comply with the indicated dose, no symptoms or undesirable reactions should occur. However, with overdosage or hypersensitivity to one of its components the side effects of Schizandrins are:
     ·         Nervousness.
     ·         Restlessness.
     ·         Lack of sleep.
     ·         Difficult to sleep.
     ·         Gastrointestinal discomfort.
     ·         Loss of appetite.
     ·         Heartburn.

Some people may also develop an allergy, just as happens with all natural plants and dietary supplements. So take it with caution. If you notice any of these effects, you should stop ingesting it and if you are allergic go to the doctor.
The first time you use it take some care to avoid this that we have indicated. The normal thing is that you only notice its benefits and properties and you can enjoy all the qualities that it has.
Schisandra chinensis extract