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The schizandra and its wonders for health

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Among the foods considered 100% natural that serve to improve your physical and mental condition, the healing herbs are of special importance. So today there are many plants that are used both in natural medicine and pharmaceutical, proving to have a great versatility in its pure state and without any intervention of additives or chemicals, one of the examples of these properties is in the schizandria.

What is the schizandra and what is it for?

Schizandrin is a bioactive molecule found in plant Schisandra chinensis. It is a dioecious plant divided into two genders male and female, therefore, it is necessary to cultivate both sexes in one place if you want to obtain their nutritious seeds. Its scientific name is Schisandra chinensis and means five-flavored berry.

Schizandrin is an active herb native to China (although it is also common in Korea and some regions of North America), another of its nicknames is the "plant of the five scents", due to the exotic fragrance that emit its fruits. This plantoid Climber is one of the fastest growing, it is estimated that having good care and planting in appropriate places with good lighting can easily reach eight meters in height, so it is recommended to prune it every so often.

Most of its attributes for health are in its reddish fruits, which have a very peculiar flavor, since it mixes an acid, sweet and spicy taste with another range of bitter and salty sensations (the latter present first of all in its seeds), some consider it a fruit of a bittersweet nature.

8 Properties of Schizandrin or schisandra chinensis

Schizandria has many medicinal properties, among them: it contains high nutritional values in vitamins C and E, alkaloids such as magnolamine and magnolia and particular compositions of it such as Schizandrin and ezquisandrinas, very useful as immunological reinforcement.

Other properties of Schizandrin are:
1.It has properties that improve and sharpen the view.
2.It considerably reduces problems of fatigue, thanks to its powerful nutritional components.
3.It has anti-bacterial properties and reinforces resistance to viruses and other pathogens.
4.It has adaptogenic qualities very similar to those of ginseng.
5.Its vitamin components maintain a healthy balance in the nervous system as well as nutmeg.
6.It can be combined with other antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene.
7.The gomisinas and pregomisinas present in their fruit generate coatings that protect the liver, added to an immunomodulatory effect.
8.It acts like a soft phytoestrogen.

24 Benefits of the Schizandrin

The flavor of the schisandra or schizandra fruit is considered exotic in many Asian countries, this added to its easy preparation and consumption plus the amount of long term benefits it can produce in our physical and mental health, make the schizandra, an indispensable source of vitamins.

Below we will list only some of its benefits:
1.Improves work performance, increases resistance and reduces the effects of fatigue on muscles and joints as well as the nut.
2.Accelerates the processes of detoxification of the enzymatic system.
3.It is a powerful pulmonary astringent, improving breathing noticeably.
4.Schizandrin has proven to be effective as a tonic to solve various skin problems.
5.Like many other plants and herbs, it has beneficial effects against various liver disorders.
6.It is used in the manufacture of wines, fermenting its berries.
7.It serves as a tonic formula for the kidney.
8.It has an adaptogenic action.
9.Normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure.
10.Stimulates the immune system after a surgical intervention.
11.Decreases liver enzyme levels.
12.It helps in therapy for Alzheimer's disease.
13.Schizandrin serves as a treatment for gastrointestinal bleeding and menopause syndrome.
14.It helps in the treatment of chronic diarrhea, vaginal discharge, frequent urination, night sweats, amnesia and palpitations.
15.It is a strong antioxidant, protects the cells from toxins.
16.Help with glutathione problems.
17.It is a stimulant of visual activity and a good preventive of eye fatigue.
18.It contributes to the process of detoxification of the body by the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
19.It helps to improve sleep, so it is very useful as anti-stress.
20.Potentiality in the immune system, improves the body's natural defenses.
21.It presents improvements in mental clarity, concentration, retention and selective memory.
22.It serves as a shield against the damaging effects of free radicals.
23.Regenerates damaged tissues of the liver.
24.It prevents arrhythmia and improves physical performance in both athletes and casual athletes. Schisandra chinensis extract, Schizandrins, Schizandrin, Schizandrol A, Schizandrin A/B