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What is the effect of cinnamon bark extract?

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Cinnamon is both a seasoning and traditional Chinese medicine and has a very long history of application. Now it is possible to use very advanced technology to use natural cinnamon as a raw material to extract cinnamon bark extract. It is in the form of brown powder, which also contains volatile aromatic oil, and it smells obvious cinnamon. It is a valuable medicinal and health care ingredient.

Cinnamon has long been widely used in human life, and the culinary component of its use was far from leading for this amazing spice. Cinnamon was burned to fumigate the room from evil spirits and to cleanse it of infectious agents. Cinnamon oil was considered a powerful aphrodisiac and was recommended to increase male potency, as well as to enhance female sexual desire. The cinnamon powder was sprinkled over the wounds as an antiseptic. Aromatherapy with cinnamon essential oil helped to cope with neuroses, depression, and improve memory. Cinnamon bark extract was rubbed for sore joints and bronchopulmonary diseases, drank for weight loss and pain relief during critical days.

What are the effects of cinnamon bark extract?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, this purified ingredient completely retains the efficacy of cinnamon as a medicinal material. It can treat various diseases caused by cold, such as cold hands and feet common in women, or waist and knee pain common in the elderly, which can quickly take effect. Many common diseases or stubborn diseases are caused by the invasion of cold evil, so hot cinnamon can also be effective. For example, young women often have symptoms of uterine cold or dysmenorrhea, and simple pain relief cannot be cured. Purpose, the use of cinnamon can be fundamentally cured.

Many health products using cinnamon bark extract as the main raw material have appeared on the market. The tablet form is more convenient to take and absorb. The main function is to regulate blood sugar. A large number of clinical practices have proven that it has a good maintenance effect on diabetes, and it can restore the body's ability to produce insulin to a certain extent.

Anti-inflammatory and sterilization:

Cinnamon bark is a traditional Chinese medicinal material. Its extract has a good anti-oxidation and sterilization effect on the skin. It can prevent aging, be anti-inflammatory and sterilize, and make the skin delicate and shiny.

Cinnamon bark extract is a kind of Chinese medicinal material, in which the extract has a good antioxidant effect on the skin, prevents aging, whitens the skin, and makes women’s skin delicate and shiny. Cinnamon bark extract not only has high medicinal value for the skin, but also can enhance the differentiation and proliferation of lymphocytes, thereby enhancing immunity, so cinnamon bark extract is good for the skin.

The effect of cinnamon bark extract on the skin

Cinnamon bark extract is mainly in the form of volatile oil, containing cinnamon aldehydes and eugenols, etc., which can not only promote blood circulation, but also remove blood stasis, and reduce fever. Experiments show that cinnamon has a good effect on the adrenal cortex, can promote the function of reducing the activity of the adrenal glands, to achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure. Cinnamon bark extract can stimulate the sense of smell, promote gastrointestinal function, and has a mild stimulating effect on gastrointestinal function.

Cinnamon extract Moisturizes the skin

Revitalizes dry skin anti-oxidant helps to whiten skin:

     1.  Cinnamon contains MHCP (Methyl Hydroxychalcone Polymer) compound that increases the efficiency of insulin in cells.

     2.  It is a powerful antioxidant.

In Thai medicinal formulas, cinnamon bark is used in the medicinal coordinates of Jatuwataphol. The name already says Vata, which means wind.

Cinnamon cures phlegm, fever, disabilities (excessive flatulence, belching). It can be seen that cinnamon is in the range of Thai medicine for use as a carminative for most of the wind. Therefore, cinnamon is used to make a medicinal element as well. It has properties as a carminative, relieves flatulence and indigestion.
Not only Thai people use cinnamon to make medicine. Chinese people have long used cinnamon as a medicine to nourish the fire element in the kidney, spleen, heart, and liver system. Used for diarrhea, indigestion, gastritis. flu caused by cold, etc.

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