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Miracles of Eucommiae Ulmoides-Eucommiae ulmoides Extract

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The hardy rubber tree originated in China is Eucommiae Ulmoides. This belongs to the family of Eucommiae grown in Central parts of China. The auspicious plant blooms in seasons and the leaves become greenish brown while growing. This plant requires full shade of the sun or at least partial shade to grow itself with the help of Sunlight. A medium amount of water can be observed by these plants while growing and the maintenance scenario is not much required for these type of species.

The tree can be planted on the roadside and can be used for giving shade or be considered as a street tree. The flower of this tree is insignificant and these plants have their habitat in mountainous areas involving sparely forests in Woodland Garden canopy, sunny edge, and dappled shade.

Medicinal herb
This Eucommiae Ulmoides extract is one of 50 fundamental medicinal herbs commonly called as Du Zhong by Chinese people and characterized as the most important tonic for efficient use of the issues involving the kidneys and liver. This medicinal plant works on reducing high blood pressure by the trial made with 199 people and about 46% responded to the treatment and experienced the value of this medicine. The herb serves its little capacity in reducing hypertension.

These species are also used in the treatment of frequent urination, weakness in the body, aching occurrence in various parts and threatened abortion. The flowers and fruits obtained from this plant can be used for aromatic purposes to be considered as an astringent.

Tree of values
The Eucommiae Ulmoides is defined as the rubber tree where the rubber extract is used in insulation of electrical wires and the gutta-percha known as Mazer wood or latex obtained from the sap of these trees were found in all parts of this tree branch to be extracted by alcohol and used for it.

Use of Wood obtained from this tree
The wood produced from the Eucommiae almonds' is mainly used for making Pattens, which is considered as the type of shoe with raised soles. This shoe was used in Middle Ages, resembling the sandals or clogs available in today’s market. These were thinner soled shoes at that period. This pattens made of this medicinal herb contains various types of styles exhibiting the soles raised from the ground using wooden wedges or iron stands or the flat sole without raising one.

Eucommiae ulmoides leaves
The chlorogenic acid is extracted from the Ulmoides leaves. This chlorogenic acid is an extract of ester of caffeic acid and quinic acid widespread in plants. The main essential necessity of eucommiae leaves is to treat diabetes and also useful for administering artery functions.

On the basis of spectroscopic analysis, a new triterpenoid is newly invented by isolating it from the leaves of ulmoides, used mainly for fighting against tumour cells.
Potential Agent-Triterpenoid
The triterpenoids are known to spread the cytotoxicity to fight against cancer cells and have been synthesized as the structural modification of natural compounds. These represent a large number of phytochemicals. The Triterpenoid Saponins are used for healing of wounds, anti-scarring and they have the capability to destroy red blood cells when human cells are caused by anemia which has side effects of mucus irritants when consumed in large amount.

Green synthesis method of Nano-silver
The process of green synthesis utilizes the Eucommiae Ulmoides extract by washing those species and making it dry at 60 degrees by making it a smash of powder by the addition of water and adding it to the kettle by heating it for 30 minutes and finally collecting the residue after filtration. The Nano silver is extracted in the liquid phase with no damage to the environment and human life.

This Nano silver extract is done by completing several processes using Eucommiae species can be used as a preventive measure of food poisoning. The characteristics of Nano silver obtained from almonds are they have hydrophilic nature, tolerance free mechanism involved, non-allergic and non-poisonous feature, they are compounds of fast acting and non-stimulating spices.

Health Promoting Eucommiae
The medicinal herb includes many advantages induced in it and its medicinal properties are amazing factors contributing the preventive measures against human diseases and this medicinal herb is accepted as the best wood bark tree and these are planted in various parts to extract the medicinal uses.
Eucommiae ulmoides Extract