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What Is Salidroside

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It is a fact that plants are the starting point for many herbal and natural remedies. With our busy lives and schedules, we don’t think about things like how these herbal medicines are made. Over the years, science has really made such an advancement that it has been able to identify and further even understand the bioactive compounds which are present in these therapeutic plants. Salidroside, also known as rhodioloside is found in the plant known as Rhodiola rosea. This plant contains potent and active compound such as rosin, rosarin, and salidroside. This plant is known to promote a healthy and positive mental state. Researchers, over the course of many studies, have identified 5 ways in which Salidroside promote a healthy, happy and positive life. The 5 ways are mentioned below-   

Health Advantages of Salidroside

1. Improves Nerve Health
Studies done by researchers recently have attempted to isolated salidroside from Rhodiola rosea to be able to differentiate its effects on the nervous system. The research proves that salidroside is a bioactive compound positively supports the nervous system. According to research, the extract of salidroside protects nerves, promotes nerve repair, regulates the neurotransmitter release into the nervous system, and may prevent premature death of the cells present in the body. Research further suggests that salidroside has a strong potential as a therapy against degenerative nervous system conditions.

2. Ensures the Safety of Brain Cell
Salidroside protects brain cells against degradation. Studies have proven that Rhodiola and salidroside protect the neurons from the harmful effects of toxins and stabilized cell function. Although salidroside cannot be seen as a cure for Alzheimer’s. however, there is a study which founded that salidroside might offer some protection against age-related degenerative disorders. Alzheimer's disease is characterized by a loss in cognitive, psychological, and motor function which results in the buildup of beta-amyloid plaque around the neurons. In a different study, salidroside was applied to the cells which were then exposed to oxidative stress by beta-amyloid plaque. After observation, it was noticed the protective effects of salidroside on the damaged cell. This has given hope that salidroside can be used for therapeutic purposes.

3. Supports the Skeletal Health
the protective effects of salidroside supports the rejuvenation and development of bone cell in the body. Being a successful adaptogen and the ability to protect cells from oxidative damage, researchers got encouraged to test salidroside extract on bone maturation and formation. When salidroside is used in isolation, it is known to reduce bone loss. However, some researchers think that these results suggest that it can be used as a supplementary approach to degenerative bone disorders.

4. Reduces Stress and Helps in Weight Loss
Salidroside and Rhodiola rosea is best known as a stress reducer and has also been highly linked to weight loss. Is there a connection between stress and weight gain? According to researchers, there is a connection. They think that stress leads to binge eating. Studies show that Rhodiola rosea extract helps in curbing the desire for binge eating. Researchers noted that levels of stress dropped after the consumption of salidroside. This was probably due to the lack of binge eating.

5. Potential Complement to the Side Effects of Chemotherapy
Epirubicin which is a chemotherapy drug used against breast cancer is linked with heart failure and dysfunction. Rhodiola Rosea, the source of salidroside has a history of improving cardiovascular health. In a study of breast cancer patients, researchers found the antioxidant properties and cardio-protective the potential of salidroside.  You must keep in mind that Rhodiola rosea has not been shown to treat or prevent any disease per se. Until researchers do further study on this and can absolutely confirm the use of Rhodiola.