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Ginseng Roots Extract has been renamed as "adaptogens" because they help our body adapt in many ways. These plants regulate, normalize and balance physical functions and increase resistance to disease. The same Latin name of ginseng, Panax, speaks volumes about the peculiarities of this root: panax means panacea, from the Greek pan (all) and akos (cure), the universal remedy to all ills.

In fact, these adaptogens provide an "herbal potpourri" from which the body selects what it needs to heal itself. For example, ginseng lowers or increases blood glucose and cholesterol, protects or divides red blood cells, promotes or inhibits cell division, and increases or decreases cardiac, respiratory and blood pressure, all in relation to the needs of every single individual.

If you do physical activities or exercise in the gym, or if you're just a weekend warrior (no bikes during the week, and then you go for long walks or other physical exaggerations in the weekend), ginseng can help you support big physical exertions and exhaustion resulting from it and help you adapt to changes in temperature and better withstand both heat and cold, or total darkness or dazzling light.

Ginseng Roots Extract can provide you with all these new abilities as it acts on your cardiovascular system, improving your health, and fueling your muscles with new fuel by increasing the supply of oxygen and storing more glycogen and ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Ginseng also helps to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, and consequently the presence of muscle cramps or stiffness decreases. Research has shown that those who use ginseng recover more quickly from strenuous exercises.

Researchers believe that Asian ginseng helps stabilize some of the major regulators of the body: the pituitary, adrenal and hypothalamus glands. For example, the hypothalamus performs many functions. It helps relieve stress and exhaustion, and regulates blood pressure, blood sugar, water balance, body temperature, the immune system and sexual functions. The pituitary gland controls the thyroid, the activity of the adrenal and sexual hormones. Control of the hormone hydrocortisone indicates that ginseng helps control the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fluids, sodium, potassium and inflammations.

It also implies the stabilization of pH levels and the responses of nerves and muscles. The Asian ginseng also helps to slow down the contraction of adrenal glands undergoing great stress. Regarding her reputation for improving sexual functions, herbalists find it useful as a reason to promote and sell ginseng, although up to now only a few studies support this peculiarity.

Unlike other stimulants, Ginseng Roots Extract improves mental abilities without disturbing your regular sleep, even when it is assimilated for a long time. In truth, ginseng helps to sleep more deeply. It's all about dosing. Thanks to its adaptogenic properties, large quantities of Asian ginseng tend to act as a sedative while small amounts have a stimulating effect. Ginseng promotes the oxygenation not only of muscles, but also of the brain where it helps to rebuild nerve cells that carry messages from the brain throughout the body.

Nerve reflexes are recovered more quickly in hospital patients who have undergone anesthesia if they have taken Asian ginseng before surgery.

Ginseng Roots Extract may not make you smarter than you already are, but people working in stressful conditions, such as telegraph operators, have found their hearing and their work efficiency improved when they took ginseng. If you notice that your mental functions diminish in relation to age, a disease, stress or stiffening of the arteries, ginseng may be the answer to your problem. In addition, European doctors prescribe Asian ginseng to treat mood disorders such as depression, especially in the elderly.

The powerful antioxidant properties of ginseng reduce the dangerous free radicals that destroy cells and are considered to promote aging, stiffening of the arteries, liver diseases and degeneration of eyes and nerves. Asian ginseng accelerates recovery from the effects of alcohol. Preliminary studies indicate that this benefit derives from the fact that ginseng has a stimulating effect on liver enzymes that detoxify from alcohol, from amphetamine drugs and poisons like chloroform, and helps to improve chronic liver disease.

Ginseng Roots Extract, however, can annul the absorption of pharmaceutical medicines, can reduce the action of sedatives and narcotics, and can increase the potency of the cardiac drug Digitalis. If you suffer from hypertension or diabetes or take antipsychotic medication, consult a specialist herbal medicine specialist before undergoing a ginseng regimen.

Asian Ginseng Roots Extract can also be too stimulating for people suffering from manic-depressive psychosis, schizophrenia or who are very anxious and nervous.
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